ACTmapi aerial photography

This article is useful for mapping within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). If your mapping is outside the ACT, then you’ll need to find your own aerial photography source.

It is easy to download geo-referenced aerial photography of the ACT. Use the ACTmapi tool, select a recent aerial photography layer, and zoom in to the area you need. Use the export tool to download the data. It is probably best to select the same co-ordinate system used earlier.

Select geo-referenced data
On my laptop, View resulted in a download

The downloaded zip file contains an image and its associated ‘world’ file (ie, its georeference data). Open the archive and save the files somewhere convenient.

Here’s what I had in Open Orienteering Mapper after downloading a few larger, and lots of smaller, exports from ACTmapi. The resolution of the smaller areas was better for fine work.

After loading aerial photography as templates, and setting opacity for some items.

Use the image in Open Orienteering Mapper just as any other template.

This article is part of the Orienteering Mapping with LiDAR, Smartphones and Free Tools series.

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