Adding knolls and depressions from Karttapullautin

Karttapullautin generates data representing dot knolls and depressions, and saves it in the dotknolls.dxf file. The detected.dxf file contains supplementary information.

I used Open Orienteering Mapper to add both files as templates.

The file contains points that are tagged with useful labels, such as uglyudepression or dotknoll. The points are shown as dots, but the dots are usually partially obscured by the text labels.

Using dotknolls.dxf as a template

Now it is easy to draw the appropriate symbols in the right places.

You can see in the example that my installation of Open Orienteering Mapper doesn’t do a great job with the typeface for the labels.

This article is part of the Orienteering Mapping with LiDAR, Smartphones and Free Tools series.

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