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“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

A mentor of mine once said to me, “Something you do needs to make money, but not everything does.” One of the beauties of this time is how many incredible offerings, from so many groups, are now free.

Yet we live in a world that often highlights not those who give, but those who acquire.

Amazon, whose market cap has increased over $90 billion during the COVID crisis (and adding $5 billion to Jeff Bezos wealth) said recently that they care so much about social justice they are donating $10 million dollars — or .000008% …

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It is amazing to witness the plethora of offerings to support people during this pandemic.

As part of this effort to learn and connect in this time, I am happy to announce that we are holding livestream meditations and Q & As with mindfulness teacher and scientist, Jon Kabat-Zinn, every weekday.

With people from over 115 countries, the first 1,000 people enter through zoom with us live, then the rest livestream the sessions online.

We hope you can join us.

Sign up here to register for free and get the zoom link.

Or just tune in every weekday at 11:00 AM PDT to watch at No need to sign up. You can also watch past sessions there.

We also hold community groups Tuesday and Thursdays.

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This is the time for the community to learn from one another. Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there!

The Power of Psychotherapy, Shamanism, & Psychedelics

Wisdom 2.0 Break Out

Healing is a mystery that has been explored since humans walked the Earth, and we are learning more about each day. We are excited to bring together a unique panel this year at Wisdom 2.0 2020 to explore this fascinating topic.

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We are thrilled to bring together MAPS founder and director, Rick Doblin, who has been on the forefront of promoting the healing potential of psychedelics to Veterans and other groups for this panel. …


Soren Gordhamer

Husband, father, organizer/host Wisdom 2.0:

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