“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

A mentor of mine once said to me, “you do needs to make money, but not everything does.” One of the beauties of this time is how many incredible offerings, from so many groups, are now free.

Yet we live in a world that often highlights not those who give, but those who acquire.

Amazon, whose market cap has increased over $90 billion during the COVID crisis (and adding $5 billion to Jeff Bezos wealth) said recently that they care so much…

It is amazing to witness the plethora of offerings to support people during this pandemic.

As part of this effort to learn and connect in this time, I am happy to announce that we are holding livestream meditations and Q & As with mindfulness teacher and scientist, Jon Kabat-Zinn, every weekday.

With people from over 115 countries, the first 1,000 people enter through zoom with us live, then the rest livestream the sessions online.

We hope you can join us.

Sign up here to register for free and get the zoom link.

Or just tune in every weekday at 11:00…

The Power of Psychotherapy, Shamanism, & Psychedelics

Wisdom 2.0 Break Out

Healing is a mystery that has been explored since humans walked the Earth, and we are learning more about each day. We are excited to bring together a unique panel this year at Wisdom 2.0 2020 to explore this fascinating topic.

We are thrilled to bring together MAPS founder and director, Rick Doblin, who has been on the forefront of promoting the healing potential of psychedelics to Veterans and other groups for this panel. …

Supporting Diversity @ Wisdom 2.0 2020

In our efforts to walk our talk in making Wisdom 2.0 even more accessible, innovative, and inclusive, we’d like to welcome Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to take advantage of our BIPOC ticket tier for a discounted price. This ticket tier was created for those who have come from these historically and systematically marginalized groups to make attending a little bit easier.

We want to create a space where all are welcome. We created this ticket as a way to acknowledge that moving through predominantly white spaces can be challenging for folks with…

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” — The Buddha

In some countries, they use a trap to catch monkeys, a cage containing a banana or other fruit inside with a hole that is large enough for a monkey to get its hand in, but not large enough to pull its hand out while holding onto the fruit.

Monkeys are caught, not realizing at any time they can simply let go of the fruit and take out their hand.

We may not be so different.

While physical items can easily be attached to, our thoughts are often much easier. Byron Katie (watch her last Wisdom 2.0 interview here) writes:

I have been spending less time on social media this summer, and more time in nature. It has been fascinating to see the difference.

There are many beautiful aspects to social media, but one of the dangers is that just about everything has a number next to it — our posts, our profiles, our comments. We continually see how we rate to other people.

Recently researchers in Canada found that each one-hour increase in the time teens used social media or TV was associated with an increase in the severity of depression symptoms.

This made me wonder: How much of…

There’s a war going on right now. This war is not you will live and die but you will live and die.

Some of the world’s greatest social psychologist, neuroscientists, engineers and marketers are in this war. They are fighting for one thing: our attention.

Billions of dollars are being spent in this battle, and the tools are getting more sophisticated everyday. They know more than ever just what to show us, just how to ping us, just what movie to play next, all to keep our attention.

The platforms of our time - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram…

I asked a friend recently whether he liked speaking at a particular conference. He replied, “No, not at all.”

When I inquired why, explaining I had seen the website and I thought it had quality speakers, he responded, “It was not the speakers, it was the audience. People were not present. They were either on their phones or networking.”

The greatest gift we can give a speaker is an audience that is present. Otherwise, it does not matter how much money the person is getting paid or how many people are in a room, it feels empty.

This is true…

There was a moment at Wisdom 2.0, the annual conference I host, while interviewing #metoo creator Tarana Burke, when she had various emotions arise on feeling the immense responsibility of her effort.

When I looked out at the audience, there was such a strong presence in the room. I don’t think a single person was on their phone.

At a tender moment as she was navigating her emotions, someone in the audience yelled, “We love you Tarana!”

In that moment, something shifted. It felt as if we were all holding this pressure with her. She was not alone …. …

With less than three months away, we are excited to announce our first batch of speakers for Wisdom 2.0 2018!

Along with #metoo founder, Tarana Burke, also joining us are:

Marie Kondo, author The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Marie has captured the findings from her lifelong journey of organization in her best-selling books, including The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Translated from Japanese into languages including Chinese, French, and English, her books have sold over 8.4 million copies worldwide. Marie will share her wisdom with us on designing mindful spaces.

Soren Gordhamer

Husband, father, organizer/host Wisdom 2.0: Wisdom2conference.com

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