I’ve been working remotely since 2017 and after trying all sort of tools I thought to make a list of the widgets for peace of mind I use daily to make little tasks a little bit easier. Some have been there forever and could be better, other are brand new and hopefully more will come!

Disclaimer: I’m working with Apple products, so all tools are tested on (and some only available for) MacOS and iOS.

So without further ado…

Krisp.ai noise cancelling— MacOS (freemium)

Krisp.ai is the latest addition to my remote toolbox. Is a little widget that you can install and act as a…

Creating a product we couldn’t finish in months of volunteer effort

Remote working and giving back

I started working remotely in 2017 and since then I had the opportunity to travel more and spend longer time in a few new places. Indonesia was one of the firsts and it took me only one rainy season to see the sheer amount of trash that flooded every single road side, river and beach making you swim between plastic bags, nappies and rotten dogs (yes, twice).

Why this happens is a whole other story, but in short, we’re all kinda guilty. Feeling conflicted between how tourism is part of the cause of this and my privileged situation moved me…

As I briefly wrote in the story about how it all started, during these last few years, friends, mentors, and designers I’ve spoken with, pointed out that since the UX Project Checklist was used and appreciated by many, I could (or should) have a go and make something out of it.

Because the website started as a side-project for our team’s own interest, there was never a mean to make money out of it, and so I refused a few advertising offers and didn’t invest much money or time myself to evolve it.

Now, I’m taking the chance to experiment…

If you read my last story you know how excited I was about sending the first newsletter update after years and how I immediately got slapped in the face back into the real world after being blocked because too many people complained about receiving it.

Well, that happened again. I guess karma has to do with it since I’m fairly happy to mark as spam any shitty or not requested newsletter I receive daily, so yeah fair enough karma!

Anyway, since I’ll probably give up on the newsletter thing for a bit, here’s the latest update in a more public…

I’ve recently write about why I made the UX Project Checklist and left you hanging there a bit.

So what is this about? Have you ever heard of the Hero’s Journey?
Basically the series of phases any good story is based on:

Disclaimer: don’t expect anything as epic as any Disney movie

How this as to do with the UX Project Checklist?

Here’s a story…

The Call to Adventure

This is where the adventure really begins.

Well apparently this little tool is still getting appreciation every now and then: hundreds of people are using it regularly and someone still subscribes to the newsletter to receive updates (ah! a bit more on this later).

Refusal of the Call


If you’re into UX/UI/Product/WhateverIsCalledToday design, product management or tech in general, you might have stumbled across this useful and pretty website:


Hi! Nice to meet you 👋 I’m Andrea, the creator of the UX Project Checklist.

Just introducing myself again because if you are among the first who found this page, a long time has passed so you might have forgotten about us! #sad

In fact, I’ve built the UX Project Checklist almost 4 years ago.

The one-page website pretty much never changed as I’ve been busy (or lazy, or both) doing something else.

But this is about to change…

The only app that doesn’t want you to engage with it

So I’m not a big fan of any particular social app — if Timehop can be considered one — but let’s be real, all they want you to do is keep tapping, keep scrolling, maybe sharing liking loving do-something-just-dont-close-it-or-at-least-come-back-soon!

Timehop is not one of those, they just let you go through your today memories for the same day of every year in the past with any media available on that day anniversary, and then, that’s it.

+1 to your Timehop count (as if that was so tempting) and come…

Not sure about using a button or an underline? Using plain text won’t help

So I’ve just started using Medium to create content, and I guess I won’t create many Publications accounts, but a small thing in the Publication setting page got me lost for few milliseconds

Publication account setting page

So in this page you have a Title, couple of buttons (primary and secondary CTA), tabs, a dropdown, some underlined links.

So I was going to update the avatar image and I found myself clicking few times on the image itself.

Where would you have clicked to update the image?

Yeah, “Change image”, quite simple, but why this element doesn’t even have one single visual clue to tell me it is something I should pay attention to when I’m looking for something to click on?!?! 😩

Guess what I want to do after I click on the search icon?

please just let me type after I click search

Yep, type, I click on the search icon and then I want to type something to search.

Twitter app for macOS choose to not put the focus on the search input field so I have to click again before I can start typing.

Save me a click, please.

Andrea Soverini

I’m a (remote) designer and problem solver passionate about environmental projects.

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