Heaven.cat — How to manage your Cryptokitties the easy way. Part 2

There has been some new features and a bit of changes since last time I posted about heaven.cat on Medium. So I thought it would be nice to go through what these are and how to use them. If you’re here and you missed part 1 you can find it here. Let’s dig in!

Kittysire page


This page is designed for you who have found these kitties that you want to sire out over and over.

You begin by simply adding the id in the top of the page, right under the fierce Pawzilla dinosaur…kitty…t-rex, it’s fierce anyhow!

Kittysire logo and input options

As stated, you add kitties by using the input field saying add kitty id here and the push the plus button (or hit enter). To simplify the adding of a lot of kitties you can also click the “Add many“-button, which will open a modular component looking like this (picture below).

Adding multiple kitties to kittysire

It is also possible to create folders for further structuring your sires. This is also a common structure of all the other account bound applications on heaven.cat so I might refer to this later but not go through it as thoroughly again.

You add a new folder by clicking the “+”-button. It is also possible to change the name of your groups and delete them. These features reveal themselves when you hover the folder buttons.

A kitty added to kittysire which has been sired out for 18 days.

When a kitty has been added to the site it will be presented as the picture above. The kitty above has been sired out for 18 days, so it gets a thumbs up for being out and looking for potential mates. You add the value you want the kitty to be auctioned at in the input fields, which you can see in the middle of the picture above. From is where the auction will start, To is where it will end and Days are the duration of the auction. The values should always be in ether, not in wei or gwei or something else.

It is also possible to add notes for the kitty in the “Notes..” section. When the kitty is available to be sired out the “Sire” button will turn green.

Sire all button

When you have a big page and a lot of kitties to sire, there is a button made for you. The “Sire all” button will create a transaction for each kitty in the folder and all you have to do is click “Confirm” on metamask or any other web3 provider you are using. This doesn’t work on any mobile wallets I have tried yet, since they seem to block the queueing of transactions, so this is only available on desktop so far.

You can find this page at heaven.cat/sire.


The concept is simple, if you want to keep track of certain kitties out there, add them here.

This page gives the same information on kitties as you can find on KittyFind.

You add kitties just below the logo and you can structure kitties into folders just as you can on KittySire and the other account-bound pages on this site.

KittyLovers — Updates

First we have a couple new options on the couple component.

KittyHelper is added so you can check percentages in their breeding calculator. If you have CKBox and you’d like to check those percentages on the cryptokitties.co page you can select Cryptokitties and then the button below.

Move to is supposed to help you move the couple to another folder. Delete is pretty self-saying in my opinion, but anyway, it deletes the couple. Force breed is there if there’s something wrong with the page and it doesn’t respond correctly (this rarely happens, I promise ;) ), then just switch to Force breed and click the button.

A new tool has been added, namely a Import/Export tool. This will make it possible for you to download your couples in a sheet with a csv format. You can use the sheet and do calculations on your own and then perhaps remove/add/structure you couples with a bigger freedom.

You can export your couples in two formats, either you get a csv which you can later import, or you choose a csv with information about your kitties such as genes, cooldowns and more.

Exported couples

When you export your couples the rows in the csv sheet will look like the image above. You can import this csv into excel, google sheets or most modern sheet managers. This is also the columns you need when you import the couples into KittyLovers as well.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RYi47cMXwBlLj5sfHxLt0VwVCgdnN8MBjgDb0PQLwoQ/edit?usp=sharing , you can find a sample here, which you can download and tweak yourself.

KittyBulkOps — Updates

There has been a couple neat features added, both are there to make your life easier.

Download litter and sell using csv

So the two features that have been added are “Download kittylitter” and “Sell using a csv”.

Download kittylitter

Download your kitties that are tied to the wallet you are signed in with currently. A lot of data, including genes, cooldowns, parents, etc. are included in a big csv where all your kitties are listed.

Small piece of the information you get from downloading your kittylitter.

You can select if you want the csv to be downloaded with kai, INT or simply attribute names.

Sell using a csv

Make sales with a csv and only care about clicking “Confirm” on metamask. The csv needs four columns to be able to make your sales, Kitty id, Start price, End price and duration.

Sample csv can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E3nMNJc0AGV_QBGmU6sh4uN4P8NHMK0o8Fu69QaQdFk/edit?usp=sharing

Start price and End price should be in ether, not gwei or wei or something like that. Duration should be in amount of days you want the auction to be in.

That’s probably all since last time. I hope you find the site useful. If you have any suggestions of improvements, don’t hesitate to jump into the #heavencat channel on cryptokitties discord and let me know about them!

As always, donations are super appreciated. If you want to make a donation, you can so to this address: 0x831BF0657E0c1256297053802dE80D47AAec1876

Thank you all who have donated to me previously! It really keeps the motivation up! 🎉

Peace out