Introducing Stable: A Foundation for the New Era of Transportation

We’re in a transformative time in transportation. The rise of electrification and self-driving technology has fundamentally changed the way we think about transportation.

For the first time, operating an electric fleet isn’t just about being “green”: studies are showing that electric fleets are the smarter, more economical option. Today, transportation companies are preparing to deliver more electric fleets — many of them self-driving — to cities than ever before.

With this transition, we must now also fundamentally rethink the infrastructure needed to support this new ecosystem of transportation. The gas station model of old is just that. This is the era of electric vehicle fleets.

Most fleet companies, and the cities they plan to operate in, expect vehicles to be highly utilized. That means a key requirement of their infrastructure is the capability to charge very quickly and efficiently so that they can get back on the road faster.

The challenge is that unlike refueling a gasoline car, it takes time and energy to charge an electric car, and there aren’t nearly enough chargers. A fast-charger can consume about as much energy in a single day that the average American household does in 6 months. And, most chargers that are placed in homes, offices, malls, and grocery stores, are not useful for fleets; they’re too slow or inaccessible. To operate efficiently and effectively, electric fleets need chargers along their main routes to stay close to the action, with the ability to access large amounts of power to charge quickly, and a guarantee that a charger will be available precisely when they need it.

All of these factors make the task of finding where to put chargers, and how to manage their load, very important and very hard.

That is where Stable comes in. We started with a simple mission to reinvent the gas station for the new era of transportation.

Our team is composed of some of the top machine learning, robotics, operations, and energy experts in the world. Together, we’ve been relentlessly pursuing the fastest way to quickly setup high-throughput charging infrastructure, and operate it in the most sustainable, efficient and effective way possible.

Our data-backed approach starts with advanced modeling software and pervasive data analysis to identify and validate high-value charging locations for specific fleet operators. When paired with our intelligent scheduling software and robotic attendants, these locations require fewer chargers to support a larger fleet, vehicles spend less time traveling to and from chargers because there’s always one nearby. And, the entire service can be seamlessly automated for any rapid, opportunity charging.

We’re now deploying our first charging facilities in the Bay Area. We’re working with fleet operators to place chargers where they are needed most. Stable handles all setup and operational burdens so that they can get back to serving their customers.

Read about our new partnership with Electrify America here, and stay tuned for more as we begin sharing additional details about our new facilities and the tech that powers them. Visit to learn more about our team and work and follow us on twitter @stable_auto.