After 10 years in Mobile, I’ve moved to Autonomous Vehicles DevOps @ Lyft and now I need to fill a lot of knowledge gaps. Join me on this journey!

Please leave the comments with the best articles|videos you’ve seen. And learn from others.


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Immutable Infrastructure

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So yeah I feel like something is missed from article up there. Let’s find out what.

  1. Use Kotlin, yeah it’s time! Consider it long term investment in your project and skills.
  2. Think twice before adding any third party library; it’s a serious commitment.
  3. Use only small, one-feature libraries and abstraction…

My personal favorite list:

  1. — no time to explain, just follow him👈
  2. — friend of previous guy👆
  3. — he don’t like Enums😏
  4. — should be interesting📺
  5. — just in case🖌
  6. — like this guys👥
  7. — other devs🌎
  8. — why not green?👓
  9. — don’t know that they doing here🤔
  10. — thanks Enrique López Mañas 👍
  11. — DataBinding guy🤖

So what is your source of Android Development inspiration here?

Hi, everyone. I have few ideas to share, hope it will help someone to write better Android apps. This time, I’ll share with you how to create color picker by using just Kotlin, Android SDK and your imagination.

I’ll start with a simple implementation, later we’ll find the way to…

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