Feedback session at work
Feedback session at work
Illustration by Kika Fuenzalida

When I was studying art, everyone around me lived and breathed design. I had found my tribe. I never had to explain the value of my work because everyone got it. Designers just get it. Fast forward a few years when I joined my first organization, I naively expected the same. After all, studying design was meant to prepare me for real-life situations, right? The reality was quite different.

Every time a non-designer would come across my work, we’d talk about it, hoping to improve it. The person would quickly turn into a critic armed with good intent. Sadly, the conversations were focused on minor details, leaving essentials topics untouched. I ended up with countless improvised hovering art directors telling me I was using the wrong shade of blue. …


Stéphane Martin

Principal UX designer @ Riot Games. I write about design leadership, product design strategy, and UX career.

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