1. Stick to the supplements that are proven to work and save the rest of your money for real food! Good post anyway! The only weightlifting is not enough for increasing body mass healthy food with all vitamins are so necessary for increase muscles

2. Always remember that heavyweight can’t give you benefit but it can be injured your muscles tissue. Do with very slow moving as much as possible. Give rest for four days in a week.

3. Increased caloric intake (adequate carbohydrates for energy and extra protein for tissue synthesis) goes along with the appropriate training. A safe recommendation is to increase protein intake to 1.5 grams/kg of body weight. If all calories consumed in excess of energy requirements go towards muscle growth, 2,000 to 2,500 extra calories would contribute to 0.5 kg increase in lean tissue.

4. Perform as light cardio sessions first thing on a morning before breakfast for maximum fat burning. You should avoid stressful situations, as stress-related hormones are associated with a loss of muscle mass.

5. Have a goal. Knowing what you want and when you want is a huge advantage. Prioritize your goals and give yourself a workable timeline in which to achieve them.

6. Plan your month. Before each month., circle training days on your calendar, write down exactly each activity you will perform on those days. This helps you plan your days off, which is essential for muscle recovery.

7. Manipulate reps. try to mix up your rep counts every two weeks. For example, go for two weeks of 12 to 15 reps, two weeks of 10 reps and two weeks of six to eight reps. This keeps your body guessing and challenges the muscles to adapt to diversity.