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At the heart of any successful transit system’s operations are two things: Live Dispatch and Performance Feedback. Together, these create a positive cycle that improves operational consistency, predictability for riders, and overall performance.

At GMV Syncromatics, we’ve recently launched tools that transform the dispatch experience and today, we’re proud to introduce the next generation of our performance reporting experience with Sync Insights.

Sync Insights takes the mountains of information captured by our CAD/AVL system and makes it immediately accessible and explorable, allowing transit managers to track changes in their key performance indicators…

Bringing your service geography into view

It might seem obvious if you’re building bus tracking software to put the buses on a map. It’s what our software (and just about every other dispatch software) had done for years, and it’s what nearly every consumer navigation app does as well. From Google Maps to enterprise fleet tracking apps, vehicles appear on a map.

When we embarked on a process to redesign our transit dispatch software from the ground up, we assumed that we’d start with the map. But our discussions with dispatchers led us down a different road entirely.

We put the map redesign on hold and…

Syncromatics is all about Making Transit Work. In our part of the public transit industry, that usually means bringing technology advancements to an existing transit system and allowing dispatchers, planners, and executives to do their jobs with a newfound wealth of data behind them.

But what happens when the transportation system is brand new, made up of more than 400 vehicles borrowed from agencies in all the surrounding areas, and will only exist for one week?

That’s the problem we faced when tapped by Event Transportation Associates (ETA) to help implement a temporary transit system capable of moving people from…

More than personal, there’s a community potential here unlike anywhere else.

Fifteen years old and I was pressing my head to the glass window of our minivan. Getting my eyes as close to the glass as possible, so that I could see up, up, up towards the top of the buildings. They were too tall, I never saw the tops, but the ten or so floors I did see amazed me. It was after dark and we weren’t in the safest part of town—we were Downtown after all—so the windows stayed closed and my eyes pressed against that glass just trying to get a view up higher. I was enthralled.


Steven White

Making Transit Work at Syncromatics

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