Victor Oyita, CEO of Ajebor Farmers on starting an Agtech business in Nigeria

Victor Oyita, CEO Ajebor Farmers
Victor Oyita, CEO Ajebor Farmers
Victor Oyita, CEO Ajebor Farmers

According to data obtained by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), by the year 2050, the world population is expected to increase to 9 billion, which may lead to massive famine unless the global food production is increased by 70 percent.

At the same time, some of the factors affecting the agriculture industry are labor shortages, increasing costs of production food waste, and land management inefficiencies. Agtech startups around the world are developing innovative solutions to tackle these challenges and Africa is not left behind.

Ajebor Farmers, a leading AgTech startup in Nigeria is encouraging agro-investment using agricultural…

Increasing pollution and the threat of global warming have accentuated the need to replace petroleum-fueled vehicles with emission-free substitutes.

After decades of R&D, the industry has found electric vehicles as the best substitute for conventional vehicles, which has resulted in the emergence of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles (EVs) uses one or more electric motors for propulsion.

Advancements in battery technology have helped increase the driving range of electric vehicles. Hence, the popularity of EVs has grown in the recent past.

Ambitious EV targets and policy support from governments have resulted in the lowering of EV costs.

In addition, factors such…

Trading online can be highly emotional.

Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist who won the Nobel Prize, used the loss aversion theory to show that people feel the pain of losing money more than the joy of gaining it.

It is the natural instinct of traders to flee the market when things start to plummet.

In fact, the stress level of lots of investors skyrockets when the market conditions don’t comply with their expectations.

High level of emotional stress depletes the ability of an investor to make a rational decision. Don’t want to end up like that?

No worries, there are ways…

In this article, you will learn about the different sources of startup funding for small business.

Every business venture should start with a great idea.

However, even if you have a killer idea and a realistic vision of how you want to turn that idea into reality, most business owners would agree that the hardest part for any startup is finding the funding it needs to get going.

In other words, if your ideas are great but your execution is poor as a result of lacking proper finance, then, your great ideas are as good as dead.

More precisely, finding…

This might not be the answer you seek

Billions of dollars have been lost — both by consumers and businesses — to online scammers. Can big data and machine learning algorithms be the ultimate saviors of cyberspace?

The year 2018 saw an unprecedented rise in online fraud with account takeover and credit card scams leading the way.

Identity theft is the most common form of digital fraud with synthetic IDs being used to either defraud the online businesses or make purchases that eventually has to be paid by genuine credit cards of actual users.

Despite all the innovation and security measures adopted by online businesses, scammers and fraudsters…

Have you ever considered if you should quit your job and start a business?

It is perfectly normal and you are not alone.

Business ownership has become the new badge of honor in our society.

Breaking away from the rat race and making your own way in life has become the quintessential dream for so many people, yet people are more hesitant than ever to go their own way and start a business.

And with good reason: the economies of the world are hurting.

Many people are already living pay cheque to pay cheque and can’t imagine how starting from scratch could be a good idea.

And the uncertainty of entrepreneurship alone is enough…

Nest Wealth Review 2019

Nest Wealth is Canada’s largest independent digital wealth manager. Their low capped fees and portfolios are custom built to match your goals and help you retire with more.

In this Nest Wealth review, you’ll learn about the benefits of RRSP account, how to open an RRSP with Nest Wealth, and why you need to start saving for retirement.

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan, or RRSP, is a retirement savings tool that lets Canadians put off paying taxes until after they retire.

RRSP accounts are for holding savings and investments assets. …

Simple bio and analytics tool for social media

We examined over 52 Shorby reviews from different sources and in this post, we revealed our results.

Shorby is a simple bio and analytics tool for social media marketing and outreach.

Originally built for optimizing Instagram bios, Shorby can also be used on Facebook, WhatsApp, Reddit, Twitter and any other social media channels you can think of.

Today, almost everyone has a small business account on Instagram. One in two of these Instagram accounts share links daily, and one in three use ads and re-targeting for their business.

In practice, Instagram doesn’t want you spamming your bio with links, so…

A year’s worth of blog post ideas

In this article, you’ll learn how to come up with a year’s worth of blog post ideas in less than an hour for your business.

So for a bit of background, I’ve been doing content marketing for over half a decade now.

In that time, I managed to create a 7-figure digital agency in the games industry using content marketing as my primary source of lead generation (driving upwards of over 30,000 visitors per month in organic search).

However, I’ve noticed a recurring question with so many founders. …

There are several reasons why businesses opt for free automation tools for their systems.

It could be that they are running low on cash or don’t care to spend more than they need.

For example, when I started my business, I bootstrapped everything. And whenever I am low on cash, I turn to my family for extra help.

It’s not even certain that they will help since everyone is waiting to see how far I can go before I cave in to their pressure of getting a regular job.

So, paying a premium for automation tools is a no-no for…

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