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On the 17th of June DPoS officially went live. Making Elastos the worlds first blockchain that combines a hybrid consensus algorithm (DPoS and AuxPoW) in order to secure and validate itโ€™s blocks.

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We are thrilled to announce that all 3 of our super nodes are live, ranked in the top 24, and dishing out the sweetest berry rewards on a 72min interval! If you would like to change the interval of the berry rewards to a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, you can drop by in our Telegram and ask one of the admins for assistance. We will whitelist your voting address and you should recieve your berry rewards in the desired interval. ๐Ÿ“


In order to see the voting statistics of most of the nodes that participate in the DPoS you can head over to ELA BANK. The guys over at ELA BANK have developed a fully transparent website where you can look up a great amount of information. You can view the SNโ€™s payout scripts with 100% transparency! This shows how many ELA a node has distributed, how many individual voters a node has and many other great features. Go check it our yourselves!

Official sponsor of the Cyber Republic press

We are one of the first official sponsors of the CR Press team. The wild Strawberries are CR Keep sponsors donating a healthy 6% of our rewards once our 100% promotional voters rewards comes to an end. Read more about the CR press and the other sponsor nodes here.

First and foremost we wanted to contribute to the Elastos decentralized eco-system by managing and hosting stable nodes that secure the Elastos blockchain. We find it important to give back to the community and value projects that do so too. That is why we support the CR press and other projects that contribute towards the succes of Elastos and the Cyber Republic!


Up until the 17th of June we held different promotions to raise awareness about Elastos, DPoS, and The Wild Strawberry Super Nodes. Giving back to our community and keeping our precious voters happy has been our main focus and will remain the #1 priority moving forward.

Ledger Promo

For each one of our super nodes getting in the top 24 ranking we would give away a free Ledger nano S to one of our lucky voters. We are happy to announce that we were able to announce 3 winners!

The following 2 ELA addresses havenโ€™t claimed their Ledger nano S yet!


We will wait untill the 17th of July. If the Ledgers are still uinclaimed we will use the funds to give the Elastos and Wild Strawberries supporters some extra juicy Red Packets!๐Ÿ“

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Merged Rewards Promo

Elastos has made it possible to merge mine ELA with the BTC mining SHA-256 hash algorithm. We found it fitting to celebrate this with a small giveaway of a $50 in ELA and BTC contest!

Rewards of $25 in ELA and$25 in BTC are being distributed to ten Wild Strawberry supporters who voted for all three of our of supernodes as randomly selected by an algorithm.

Congratulations to all the winners of the ELA / BTC Merged Rewards Wild Strawberries Supernodes promotion! Below are the winning ELA addresses:

1. ERwimt5xPVgPqm1QhTzSwwJ21TCTD76ZhZ
2. EcPirBC5AHRaD4kwczH7BZBfypzgsewG5H
3. EKiSspTc2UmxYJXFJW91ZpUP358o4SrZks
4. EdAwQVsioumjFCqMQuXcc6GJTqpo8LAbG6
5. EQ4sWHnacQXQmVD7CRpao5m76xUf4hWGt7
6. Ee2jwZoLpsNfGoPb4rURBmqJyXy1ovMxvP
7. EXsFZSNaV9qGH93Vze4aFivB17pDo6My6y
8. ELswjQL2S1aLosMd2T5FdZ3k1qH4V8s4FN
9. ER9R6KztrkrNwwnhzd6tWAjy18Kksu3Nco

Although all winning ELA addresses have received $25 of ELA, only 5 of 10 have claimed their $25 BTC reward. A $25 ELA transaction has been sent to all winnersโ€™ wallets with a password attached in memo. Please contact @MarkEBlairMD on Telegram by July 31, 2019 with the anti-fraud password to claim your $25 BTC reward.

On August 1, 2019, any unclaimed BTC will be rewarded to other Elastos and Wild Strawberries supporters through some extra juicy Red Packets!๐Ÿ“

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Our 100% berry reward promo runs untill the 17th of August!

Reward structure

We use our first 2 months as a 100% promotional reward structure to get a view on what the DPoS supernode hosting rewards are. We also wanted to know what kind of expenses had to be made to setup the servers for hosting our supernodes in order to secure the Elastos infrastructure.

Right before our 100% promotional reward ends on the 17th of August we will announce our new reward structure.

Thank you for all the continuous support, trust and votes. Letโ€™s make Elastos and The Cyber Republic a worldwide known reality!


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Securing the Elastos network & sharing the wealth of a decentralized eco-system

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