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Every so often a debate flares up on the internet about the value of agile software development. My response is usually to look at my screen with an eyebrow raised and think “What’s the alternative? Wasting a load of time building something and then learning that nobody wants it?”

The arguments against Agile tend to sound something like: “there’s no planning involved”, “there’s less predictability”, “it takes longer to finish a project”, “there’s no strategy”, etc. …

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It’s 2020. The world’s dealing with Covid, many companies have shifted to remote operations, and we have hundreds of tools being offered to us that claim they can help us manage and execute to perfection. New tools seem to pop up all the time, with snazzy interfaces, cute logos, and bold messages about reimagining the future of work and our day in the “office”.

When we started building Subtask, we didn’t set out to add yet another task tool to the mix. After working together for over 3 years on another product called Plectica, our team came to understand that despite all the options, something important was still missing from the marketplace. …



Break down work, prioritize it, and manage it more effectively, together. Try it out for free at

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