An insight into how data and analytics can impact your design

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion” ~W. Edwards Deming

‘Data’ can be regarded as the material that you gather from observation and research. For a digital designer— data is immensely helpful in understanding the customers whom you are designing for. You can gather data through user interviews, product analytics, NPS surveys, etc.
Finding common patterns and user behavior through data can lead you to objective conclusions. And the moment you combine your design mojo with data-driven conclusions, you get super-intuitive user experience.

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Why do we need data to design better?

In the real world, users will seldom use our product/service the way we thought they would. In fact, more often than not, you’ll be surprised at the outcomes of user interviews and online reviews. …

Stuff I created and musings during this time

I recently realized that creating is what makes me feel truly alive and happy (apart from travelling of course). Art, good photography, storytelling, writing…just creating.
I was always into art from a very young age. But this realization has hit me only recently, since I’ve been creating a lot more. Maybe that’s why even though I did my engineering, I switched to Product Design as a career.

It’s been exactly 2 months, 2 days, and 15 hours (yes I just calculated) as I write this that I’ve been in lockdown with my family here in Bangalore. The amount of news and information I’ve consumed in this time has pretty much left a lasting impact on my mind. My perspective on so many things has shifted. I’ve felt very sad, extremely happy, intense gratitude for all I have, rushes of adrenaline, moments of overthinking and overanalyzing, and all the other emotions I’m sure all of us privileged ones have felt during this time. …

Building beautiful animations with physics

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Cool photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash.

I’m a designer who loves exploring front-end technologies. A particular JavaScript animation library caught my eye recently — Anime.js. Going through the docs got me pretty excited to use it.

The theory behind the library is very simple: It’s fundamental physics. And yet, when certain CSS properties are combined, you can create some complex animations. To provide a designer’s analogy, it’s a library that contains the basic features of Adobe After Effects (keyframes, scaling, transformation, easing, delays, etc.). However, we all know the power that After Effects holds (just ask Andrew Kramer).

In this article, I’ll implement a simple loader (remember, less is more) animation that combines a few basic properties of Anime.js. The cool part is that the loading animation looks different each time the page is loaded (due to an added random delay). …


Sukanya Basu

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