Learn what to put on your sales page from some of the best SaaS tool websites

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The problem with your SaaS website is that there’s no problem on it.

But maybe there should be one?

The customer’s problem, spelled out. On your website.

Mentioned in bold letters, written after much research into what they’re actually struggling with.

‍I know, I know: you’re probably wondering why you need to speak about the customer’s problems on your home page.

Your visitor already knows what they’re suffering from.

They know they have low churn. They know they have bad customer support.

So why do you need to mention it on your website?

Shouldn’t you be talking about the solution?

Because (hopefully) your product is going to add immense value to their business! It’s going to change how their business works. …

The company rebuilds its web presence each year — and with good reason

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Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Fun fact: Historically, Slack re-builds its website every single year, sometimes even twice a year. That’s so crazy! I love the new 2019 Slack website, and I want to walk you through everything you need to steal from it for your own website.

What You Will Learn

‍Essentials of a great SaaS website

  • Effectively combines benefits and features, and explains its product
  • Uses animation to give a sneak-peek inside the product
  • Shows off its integrations
  • Includes testimonials that convert visitors

What Slack doesn’t need to do, but you should

  • Talk about the problem the product solves
  • Position the product as a radical cure for a new age
  • Be straight to the point, with no BS headlines

What you should steal from Slack’s website

  • Highly targeted landing pages for different sections of your…

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Who doesn’t love a good rags-to-riches story?

A struggling underdog finds one single opportunity to rise and takes it-we’re all rooting for them and it’s exciting and you’re on the edge of your seat wondering if they’ll make it…and then, their life transforms.

Ah. I love that stuff.

Struggle → Genie → Victory

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
Poverty → Golden Ticket → Fortune

The Pursuit of Happyness?
Homelessness → Internship → Multimillion-dollar Brokerage firm

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In this article we’ll be looking at the Soapbox website, analyzing their copy and improving it for better conversion!

My purpose is to show how good websites can be made great. How there’s always scope for improvement.

How amazing products need websites that are equally amazing to truly reach their full potential!

Soapbox has an impressive list of clientele, including names such as Netflix and Hubspot and Intercom and FREAKING Coca Cola-which shows that even top-notch, successful products are prone to copywriting and design errors.

It’s a meeting tool that helps track the goals of a meeting, allows managers to set agendas for meetings, keep meeting notes and overall, stop meetings from being pointless wastes of time where everyone talks and nothing emerges out of it. …

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You know which company I really jam with? Mailchimp.

And I promise it isn’t because of their gorgeous design. Really. Although it does get me feeling all kinds of ways:

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The year was 2017. The earth was scheduled to end (AGAIN) on the 23rd of September. (Spoiler Alert: It didn’t.)

I was in the middle of a SaaS rebrand — the one that’s all about the new additional snazzy game-changing features, the new swabs of colors and trendy illustrations, the less 2002 design, more now: the ‘Version 2.0’ that has a new name, a new direction!!

It was fun, it was exciting and everyone on the team was infected with joy.

But I remember thinking: What does this rebrand mean to the customers?

This question really switched up the chess board for me (as the saying goes).

But I brushed it aside. I was a young designer and was easily excited by conversations about fonts, excuse me. …


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