We’ve got a doozy of an update for you this week, covering everything from antenna connectors, to FCC, to customs.

Now we know that as much as we like talking to you, you’d rather we just cut to the chase… so let’s try something different this week. Headlines first, everything else, second.

Headlines And Nothing Else


CM4 FCC/CE Testing Passed, but requires one minor modification to check all the boxes. Expect 100% pass and certification in May.

Connectors North American gateways now have an RPSMA Female port instead of SMA (EU gateways are unaffected). Updated Data Sheet

RK3328 Design…

This week we’ve got some awesome updates for you on free antenna upgrades for everyone, data sheet details, manufacturing updates and more.

Antennas — Bigger and Better Than Ever

BETTER: Our antennas were previously 2.3 dBi for Europe, and 1.2 dBi for North America. But you deserve better… so you’re getting it — every order will now ship with a 3dBi ≤ 1.5 VSWR Lora Antenna for every unit.

BIGGER: We know delays are frustrating (read about them here), and the team is doing their best to get your SyncroB.it gateways to you as soon as possible. In the mean time, we’ve been working on a gift…

The SyncroB.it team is working hard to get gateways out the door and into our customers’ hands, and we wanted to give you a peak at what’s going on behind the scenes.

The support we’ve gotten so far from the community has been phenomenal, even as we’ve stumbled at times along this journey. You’re keeping us honest and working hard, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ll keep the headlines simple, then break it down from there.

Manufacturers are manufacturing.

Our manufacturing partners in China are well under way with assembling the units to ship. Cases are being molded, PCBs printed…


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