Community Weekly Update Syscoin #16

This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news! Thank you to our Slack member @blgh for compiling this update. Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can can also be found on the new syscoin.communitywebsite!

Syscoin & BCF news

Weekly Q&A with Dan Wasyluk — Topics covered:

  • Syscoin Foundation is steadily progressing — work has now been delegated to individual team members and the next step is to complete the paperwork. The Syscoin Foundation will make it significantly easier for other developers to contribute to the project, and for the foundation board itself to deem which projects are allocated funds (outside of the decentralized governance). This in turn will help speed up development of real-world applications on the Syscoin platform.
  • Pangolin is progressing rapidly and the team is on track. Last week a rough UI look and feel were discussed and this week the team is actively engaging with the designers to create logos and other graphics. We expect to be able to share static screenshots in the coming weeks.
  • BMW is broadly dependent on Pangolin, and to that end Pangolin is the primary focus at the moment. One point to note is that some of the BCF clients are interested in custom BMD solutions, as well as web+mobile BMD. Pangolin will be key in enabling this, regardless of context (customer subsidized vs. entirely standalone internal), but a customer-subsidized play on BMW would allow BCF to release a public BMW product much sooner. So BCF are focusing energy on trying to secure a customer that is open to receiving a license in perpetuity at no cost, in return for subsidizing the dev costs and allowing BCF to retain IP.
  • Core developer Jagdeep Sidhu is working with Whiteblock to validate and audit the claim of Transactions per Second on the network (TPS). The results will be delivered independently by Whiteblock so it will be a reliable, objective, and thorough claim rather than just a tweet such as ‘100k TPS! ’cause we said so!’. It will be validated by a third party as stated above with a clear methodology for others to be able to reproduce the outcome.
  • BCF current work is structured in a way that helps them to build intellectual property (IP). A ‘Blockchain Foundry Open Source License’ is forthcoming and will apply to to all future development work; new IPs will be licensed in perpetuity to SYS (if the Syscoin protocol needs it) and if others want to leverage or commercialize the IP they would need to license it from BCF. For example, a lot of the ‘next gen’ work is being done under this umbrella, and there is strong IP potential in it which BCF will be filing for at the appropriate time.

Mandatory upgrade: Syscoin 3.1.0. Core Release

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at approximately 2:30 PM GMT the latest upgrade to the Syscoin Platform core was released. The core client software (Qt wallet and Masternode codebase) is available to download now, and is a MANDATORY upgrade for all Syscoin QT users (this includes regular wallet users, Masternode administrators, Exchanges, Pools, Miners, and Blockmarket users).

Blockmarket Desktop 3.1.0 has not yet been released; this will allow the Syscoin base network to stabilize around the 3.1.0 protocol before releasing Blockmarket at a later date.

To reiterate: all users must upgrade immediately. All nodes (Qt wallet, masternodes) that have not been upgraded WILL STOP SYNCING.

For more info about this mandatory upgrade, click here.

Jag talked about Scalability at the Blockchain Society

In the Media

Sludgefeed article: Syscoin Founders’ Company Blockchain Foundry Listed on Two Major Public Markets

Blocknet Blogpost: Blocknet has broken new ground — It is now possible to send transactions without the blockchain!


Community mini-proposal winners

The winners of this month’s mini-proposal have been announced:

  1. Mettamark — further development on @Sysnetsite. Awarded $600
  2. Caner — target Turkish community with twitter giveaway. Awarded $300

This month’s mini-proposal vote

Community Mini-Proposal round 4 opens today! After several months of successfully funded community proposals, we are temporarily adjusting our monthly award budget to $500. This falls in line with our current budget plan across all SCMT projects.

To submit a proposal, please fill out this form:

SCMT Twitter account

For all the official and latest news releases please follow us for all the latest community news via our SCMT Twitter account, as well as hot-off-the-press Syscoin and BCF updates. The Syscoin team will also share our posts via their official social networking channels, to help spread the word.

Masternodes — Mandatory Upgrade

This upgrade applies to Syscoin QT, Blockmarket and Masternodes but Masternodes are only covered here. For the latest versions visit Github.

See below for Mandatory Masternode Upgrade Instructions to — this also includes updating your sentinel to 1.1.1 if you have not already done so.

This may also be a good time to upgrade your VPS to 18.04 LTS if you wish, do not do it through putty but through your VPS providers site. This will mean a reinstall of the O/S which will wipe all your data but your IP should remain the same. If you choose to do this when running Justin’s script it will be a new install not update and you will use the same MN key as you have now for that MN.

If you do your updates manually you will have to install everything again on the VPS only. (This might be a good time to switch to using the script).

This upgrade is required before Block 175000 or your node will not sync afterwards and you will stop receiving rewards, please read release notes for further details.

Mandatory Masternode Upgrade Instructions to

If you use Justin’s/Doublesharp’s script:

  1. Login to the vps
  2. check Sentinel Version — if it’s less than 1.1.1 upgrade when prompted
    syscli masternodelist json [vpsipaddress]
  3. Stop Syscoind
    sudo service syscoind stop
  4. Run the following command and choose ‘Y’ and press Enter to upgrade
    bash <(curl -sL
  5. Select Y or N to sentinel upgrade as required and press Enter
  6. Press Enter when asked for the branch
  7. When finished the script will start Syscoind automatically
  8. Check the Syscoin version and protocol numbers are correct
    syscli getinfo

If you upgrade your Masternodes manually, there are two methods to choose from:

1. Enter commands manually (press Enter at the end of each line)

~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli stop
cd ~/syscoin
git checkout master && git pull
make -j$(nproc) -pipe

Update Sentinel if required. To check your Sentinel version number

~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli masternodelist json [vpsipaddress]

If the version number is lower than 1.1.1, run the following commands to upgrade:

cd ~/syscoin/src/sentinel
git checkout master
git pull


2. You can use this single command (written by Locutus)

cd $home && curl -sL --output $HOME/ && chmod u+x $HOME/ && ./

This is what Locutus’ command does:

  1. Creates a ~/temp folder
  2. Builds the latest syscoincore from github in this temp folder
  3. Builds the latest sentinel from github
  4. Copies current sentinel.conf
  5. Stops syscoincore
  6. Moves old ~/syscoin folder to ~/temp/syscoin-previous
  7. Moves new ~/temp/syscoin to ~/syscoin
  8. Starts syscoincore

Using this method there is almost no downtime, and you get a backup of the previous install in ~/temp/syscoin-previous.

Check your version with

~/syscoin/src/syscoin-cli getinfo

If satisfied, you may remove your backup folder with this command

rm -rf ~/temp/syscoin-previous

There is no need to restart your node, it may change status to Sentinel Ping Expired for a short time (less than an hour).

Please note then when looking at the Masternode details in QT and on your VPS or the protocol version shows the minimum version not the current. Current version is shown using:


For more information visit