Acryptia x Alien Worlds: A2 Boss Battles

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3 min readMar 24, 2023

Galactic Hubs Season 2 Development Grant

A2 Boss Battles are coming!

We are teaming up with Alien Worlds | Galactic Hubs program to create a new and exciting experience for Acryptia and Alien Worlds players.

During Acryptia Season 3, we are going to hold special Events in collaboration with Alien Worlds. These events will be shared, community objectives to win great prizes.

Acryptia and Alien Worlds players will have to unite, combining their power and skill to fight back the Monsters from Naron, Magor, Kavian, Veles, Eyeke and Neri that have seized control of the dungeons of Acryptia!

We’re so excited about this collab and we think you’re going to love it (and the rewards!)

So let’s get to it.

How A2 Boss Battles work

The Taco and Galactic Hubs teams are working to create a new gaming experience for Acryptia and Alien Worlds players!

During Season 3, we are going to hold two special Events. For each, players will have to complete a huge collective task.

ℹ️ Season 3 will start in early April. Official date to be announced.

While playing Acryptia, each player will accrue Event points and contribute to the completion of the collective task. They will also rank up in the A2 Boss Battle leaderboard.

When the Event has been completed, players will receive a share of the total prize, based on their collected event points.

Each A2 Boss Battle will have a total prize of 20,000 TLM!

How to join the A2 Boss Battles

Will be everyone able to participate to the Event? No. Only Alien Worlds Gem NFT holders will be able to participate.

The Alien Worlds Gem is a Taco collection NFT which is obtainable only by blending Alien Worlds NFTs. Blend requirements are to be announced.

ℹ️ The Alien Worlds Gem is a transferable NFT and it has to be staked to accrue A2 Boss Battle points.

Blend Requirements to be announced

Only 250 Alien Words Gem are going to be released for the Season, and this means that only a group of Acryptia and Alien Worlds players will be able to attend, complete the quests and win prizes.

But, the Monster originates from the Alien Worlds metaverse, and therefore it’s important to have someone who will be able to decipher the Ancient Gem secret meaning.

Because of this, 30 of the 250 NFTs will be distributed to Alien World’s Syndicate members.

Each Syndicate will be able to assign 5 NFTs to their players and allow them to join the A2 Boss Battles.

Syndicates will be to able to distribute participation NFTs according to their internal rules.

This will give another perk to Alien Worlds community members!


Get ready, A2 Boss Battles are only the beginning! 🚀

They are only the first step of a greater collaboration between the Taco and Alien Worlds teams.

In the coming Seasons, each player will be able to compete in Team Battles and the teams will be… the Alien Worlds Syndicates!

Each Syndicate will have their own Team, one or more Captains, and will compete for great prizes.

Make sure to join Alien Worlds, Acryptia and Taco socials to find out about keep up to date with the latest updates!

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