Data visualization favorites from 2017

One Angry Bird

One Angry Bird — Periscopic

Forma Fluens

Forma Fluens — Mauro Martino, Henrik Strobelt,Owen Cornec


/r/place activity visualization — Max Grrr

The Pudding

Making of The Color Palettes of the New Yorker

Making of the Color Palettes of the New Yorker — Nicholas Rougeux

Emoji States of America

Emoji States of America — Lazaro Gamio for Axios

Pulling A Polygon Out of a Hat

Flubber — Noah Veltman


The Datasaurus Dozen

The Datasaurus Dozen — Justin Matejka, George Fitzmaurice

Packed Bars

Packed Bars — Xan Gregg

The Library of Missing Datasets

The Library of Missing Datasets — Mimi Onuoha

Peak Spotting

Peak Spotting — Moritz Stefaner, Christian Laesser, Studio NAND

Feature Visualization

Feature Visualization — Chris Olah, Alexander Mordvintsev, Ludwig Schubert

Honorable Mention — Data Stories

Data Stories — Moritz Stefaner, Enrico Bertini, Destry Sibley, Florian Wöhrl

Honorable Mention — Data Sketches

Data Sketch|es — Nadieh Bremer & Shirley Wu

Honorable Mention — Visual Trumpery: How to fight against fake data and visualizations from the left and from the right

Visual Trumpery — Alberto Cairo



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