Today we are celebrating two major milestones in the life of our company.
4 min readSep 24, 2019

🌈 A complete refresh of our visual identity, to reflect who we are as a brand
⚡️ The launch of a totally new recruiter-facing product, to push forward as the simplest way to build a great tech team

We are proud to unveil both milestones and highlight their rationale in this article!

In 2015, we launched with the ambition of creating the simplest way to build a great tech team, or find your next tech job. We believed that the selective platform model is the future of tech recruitment.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is where we stand today in numbers:

4 years
150 employees
5000 tech professionals hired
5000 client companies signed up
4 countries and 10 cities across Europe

At the same time, we expanded our user base from startups to 150,000+ employee corporations.

To achieve our ambition of being Europe’s tech-recruitment powerhouse for start-ups, large corporations, and everything in between, we have made a total upgrade to both our brand and product.

Our brand is our values

Simple, sleek, personal. This is who we are. This is is about simplicity and humanity. We love our community. While most of the industry is moving towards increased automation and AI-driven processes, we believe our main asset is our human touch.

  • We have scaled our operational team from 2 to 90+, to continue offering our users a personal and supportive service
  • We work hard to create meaningful events for the tech and HR communities (you may have heard about DevBreak, our talent talks series, and our Freelance Track in Paris)
  • We strive to create a great experience for our users, sharing personal moments, sharing gifts, and supporting you all along this ride!

A picture paints a thousand words. Our fresh visual identity makes our values visible. Simple, sleek, personal. This is who we are. This is

To show our new identity, we have launched our new public-facing website!

Recruiters: discover the simplest way to build a great tech team

We have completely revamped our platform

As we grew from start-up to scale-up, it became apparent that our product was due an upgrade. In comparison with today’s release, the older product — which we are still very proud of — feels no more than an MVP.

Our new product is designed to fit the needs of all sizes and forms of organisation, as well as leaping forward as the simplest way to hire a great tech team

Building the simplest way to hire tech professionals

We built our new platform with one priority: to make hiring tech professionals as simple as possible.

Alongside a complete UI/UX overhaul, we launched a host of new features:

  • Job Positions to group all your hiring processes under specific roles
  • Templated messages that make reaching out to candidates for the same Job Position a breeze
  • A pipeline view that shows you high-level metrics (like how many candidates you contacted and where they stand in the process)
  • Our brand new Notification Center and Action Center, for useful cues on where to focus your attention and improve collaboration and efficiency gets even better for larger teams

We have added multiple features to make team collaboration simple. From ‘starring’ candidates to recommend them to your colleagues, to commenting on and tagging profiles — our new features improve the way you share information and make decisions as a team.

For a better understanding of our new platform, read this post, or get in touch with your Client Executive for a personalised walk-through of our new features!

We are thrilled for this new launch — the result of one year’s work.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments, or send us a message at