For some, sharing comes easily and naturally, but for many others this is not the case. It can take a lot of confidence and courage to share progress, work, thoughts, feelings, or ideas with the public. I have often found this a struggle in many areas of my life.

The Story Begins With A Story

Recently, I mustered up a great deal of courage in order to share my story about a Google Android scholarship with Udacity, which I started earlier this year. I did this through writing an article and sharing it here on Medium. …

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be selected out of nearly 80,000 other applicants for an EU Google Android Scholarship. The scholarship is in partnership with Udacity, a modern online learning platform which primarily focuses on teaching people how to code. Udacity have worked with companies such as Google, Amazon, IBM and Facebook to provide courses made by industry experts.

Before I get to why this opportunity has changed my life, I’ll first tell you a little about me. Once you know more about me, you’ll better understand why this opportunity has been life changing. I come from…

Yesterday experienced lettering artist Colin Tierney launched ‘Crayligraphy’, a place to learn ‘Crazy Crayola Calligraphy’. Those of you that are familiar with Colin’s work will already know that he’s been experimenting with Crayola pens as a lettering tool for some time now, and has been getting some pretty great results within his work.

What You Will Learn

Over the coming weeks Colin will approach new topics helping you to learn some of the core skills required to become a versatile lettering artist. Some of the things he states that you will learn are:

· Basic fundamentals of calligraphy and how to emulate brush strokes…

Hand lettering, the art of creating unique pieces of work made up of letterforms is fast growing in popularity. There are many thousands of people from all around the globe already lettering, and many more getting interested in hand lettering each day.

There are classes available that are designed to take you from a complete beginner to a pro (if you put the work in) like Sean McCabe’s ‘Learn Lettering’ series. There are also projects in the making, like the one Typism is working on that will eventually provide a paid subscription membership community, open to anyone who wants to…

Tam Love

Web / Android Developer, Designer & Illustrator —, Hand Lettering / Calligraphy Artist — & occasional writer.

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