The right ways to get the most attention

There are many things which make our world today easy, fun and knowledgeable.

We have cell phones that double as mini computers in our pockets.

There’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many others which allow us the opportunity to teach and learn while keeping in close contact with people we would…

It’s not always sadness that brings the tears

One morning I woke up and cried. But no one was there to hear it. Not a sound peeped through the house. Not even a whisper.

There were no feet scampering around waiting for breakfast or trying to gather their clothes for the day.

There was no shouting voices as…

Quote Prompt № 15

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.

— Maya Angelou

For the longest time I felt my joy arrived the day each of my children arrived into this world. Seeing their faces, counting their toes, listening to…


It’s a toxic relationship

My best friend is a snake named Eupnomeas, and she is a delight. Although her name has not always been Eupnomeas (pronounced: Yup-no-my-ass) but it is what she prefers since shedding her skin last year.

She used to be Martha.

Eupnomeas has been my best friend since I was 10…

I miss my peace and quiet

I am a smart pooch, but I don’t understand why my mom has been home all day, every day for last few months? Years? I don’t even know at this point, time is an illusion that I don’t pay attention to. This is new and unenlightening. I don’t like it.

Our world has completely changed

On December 31, 1999 the world believed everything would crash the minute the clock struck midnight. By 12:01 the realization the world could handle the 21st century. Nothing crashed as had been assumed. We survived the transition into the year 2000.

20 years later and we have suddenly been consumed…

I hope everyone is doing great. I know the world has been under a lot of pressure with the virus going around. Social distancing and staying at home are essential to combat this invisible illness.

I wanted to take this time to say hello to everyone, with this being the…

The job was already scary, now this

I am proud of my husband. He’s doing what he loves. But the pandemic has caused new concerns for me who has to watch him walk out the door.

My husband is a firefighter, his job is essential, meaning when the rest of the world goes into quarantine — he…


A new world is upon us

In case you haven’t seen the millionth episode of “The World is Coming to an End” then you are missing out on some excitement. As I travel the lonely roads, on foot, I see the wonder and beauty of mother nature.

The serene sound of silence as the cars had…


Abigail sat on the couch, her comfy spot. Her husband, Derrick, sitting across from her, in the ugly green chair. She hated that thing, but Derrick had wanted to keep it, saying it was his and nobody else would want it.

The television was muted, but she still tried to…

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