New season. New clothes. Same story.

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It’s really hard writing anything exciting about Romanian football jerseys. Most of them have used the same design for years. Some get a slightly refresh each year, others stay the same every year due to limited financial resources. This is a personal ranking on the very best jerseys this year and also the failures.

Win: FCSB (Nike) — away jersey— Price between 100–160€

Perhaps the most wearable jersey as a fashion item than most football shirts in Romanian league. It is a unique color choice for a team that mostly played in yellow-green or white for the away games. It is bold. It is new. …

Romania’s Joma kits from 2015 to present day

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If you have read my previous stories you might got an idea of my somewhat nomadic relationship with kits since I was growing up. During the late 90s and early 00s, time of the great era of Romanian football and my childhood, I always wanted to own a football jersey or any related football item. But of course back then it was very hard to acquire such an artefact. One because we were not such an financially healthy family to be able to afford one and secondly my parents hated football or any sports so ever.

In recent years, that has changed. Now I own more than 100 football jerseys and working toward building a Romanian jersey collection that I could possible leave it as a legacy or donate it for charity. …

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Brand: macron
Release: July 2018
Versions: Home, Away, 3rd, Goalkeeper
Era: macron (previously long term with Nike)
Price: 50€
Design: redesign of a version from the 80s

Why Dinamo Bucharest?
Dinamo represents the red color in Romanian championship. No other team plays in a full red equipment. Since the beginning (1948), Dinamo’s colors were red and white. Nickname of the club is “Red Dogs”. The current team’s badge includes two red dogs, a nickname given to the club when the Nunweiller brothers played, Radu and Ion, in the 1960s and 1970s.

Besides being the only representative of a full red equipment, domestically, Dinamo Bucharest is one of the two most successful teams in Romania. The highest achievement of the club goes back in the 80’s when they played a Champions League semi-final. The club has been in a transition since a new leadership took charge in 2013. With inconsistent results and new faces every year in the staff and also on the pitch. …

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Brand: Joma
Release: November 2017
Versions: Home, Away, Goalkeeper
Era: EURO 2020 qualifiers.
Price: 85€ (player edition) / 55€ (replica)
Design: personalised (not a template yet)

The new home Romanian kit for EURO2020 qualifiers comes in the traditional yellow, with a band in the colors of the Romanian flag running down on the left side. An embossed eagle print is visible on the lower right side of the jersey.

Two small prints, ‘Romania’ on the upper back below the collar and ‘Împreună suntem fotbal’ (Together, we are football) on the inside neck complete the design.

Us, the Romanian fans, were mocking on social media the poor yellow color that has been chosen for the year before kit. It did not look “quite right”. We were used with a more golden type of yellow as seen in the Hagi era, and the one chosen for the kits between 2015–2017 was totally off. …

I’d always been aware of a team relationship with their kits when I was growing up, but of course back then it was much harder to research or own such a piece.

There is no available online resource of a kit design timeline for the Romanian club teams. The only way of finding a Romanian kit design is to run a Google image search, add the season year you think the kit was used and expect the best. Then ask friends or old timers for confirmation. …

A couple of months left until UEFA Nations League. A new European football competition is due to commence in September 2018, immediately after the World Cup.

The purpose of this tournament is to replace international friendly matches in a more organized and more meaningful way. A friendly, casual, competition that has it's own pro's and cons. Which give us, the fans, something to cheer up while waiting for bigger competitions to start: such as World Cup or European Championship.

This is the first official competition where the Romanian National Football Team it's going to make the debut of the new badge. …

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FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich

Below are my personal reflections on how to approach a football concept exhibit for marketing purposes and strengthen the relationship with the fans.

With football documentaries going to a next level, hence the Juventus: First Team on Netflix, I realised that marketing has stepped out now as a department. A football club that looks into the future will look for cross media ways to promote.

And personally I believe we will see a lot more of 360 campaign types from football clubs in the near future. The time has come, the time when as a football club, all year round, you will try to reach the masses by on-going media, rather than actually playing football and getting results.

Two years ago, during the year of the Euro championship, I had visited couple of European stadiums and museums (read more here) — but I was pretty disappointed that there was such low interactive installations. …

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In the first part of 2016 I did the tours of Rayo Vallecano, Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid, Benfica, Sporting CP, Belenenses, FC Utrecht, PSV and spent two weeks in France for EURO.

I am called Jean. Once again, I set my thoughts to “paper”. In truth, nobody asked me to write this entry, but I feel the need to keep a record of these events, whatever their outcome may be. I am no scribe, I will do my best.

You probably ended up with this article from one of my social media channels or my personal homepage, or randomly stumble upon it on Google. …

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Gigi Becali. FCSB owner and business person. Foto: Alex Nicodim/Gazeta Sporturilor

Welcome to FCS Bucharest, the most notorious football club in Romania! This is where the most talented Romanian football players aspire to play, come to learn, share a common origin and become leaders in the football community. Their journey begins here.

For many, the journey to master football is fraught with frustration and difficulty. The training provided here can lead to a life of service and rewarding career, thanks to the availability of the best coaches and teaching methods. …

The story reflects my opinion about the football kit of “Universitatea Craiova”(Romanian First Division), released in July 2017 prior to the upcoming season. A season that will see the team début in UEFA Europa, League after an absence of almost 20 years. And highlights one of Brâncuși masterpieces.

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I will start by giving you a short intro about the team, and the design motif used this year for the kits.


Then in the second part, I will underline why it’s bad and how I would suggest fixing it.


Last part of the story will consist of mockups and my thoughts of new motifs.

1. Welcome to Craiova

The previous season saw the team finishing on an honorary spot in the Romanian top tier division. After years of always finishing in the middle of the table or even fighting to avoid relegation, last year they managed to stay on top 5. They have earned a European spot. It gives the team a chance to perform in the UEFA Europe League qualifiers after a break of 17 years. Meaning that some financial deals can be made. …


Jean Popescu

UX Designer that does not write about design. I mostly write personal opinions on football.

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