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When we talk about web development, many developers seek tips and tricks to improve the website. However, web development, particularly in PHP, is pretty easy for newbies. All they need to know are the vital PHP tips and tricks that can help them in developing a PHP website and optimizing it.

PHP has been one of the widely used languages as it has a number of advantages, like finding awesome frameworks and CMSs to work on. This blog contains the best PHP tips and tricks for Web Development.

1. Ternary Operators

The ternary operator is a different way to layout simple IF constructions. Let’s take a look at one of these.

$value = ($condition) ? ‘Truthy Value’ : ‘Falsey Value’;

This would help your code to get lighter and can also be nested without problems.

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2. PHP Exception Handler

When an error occurs the PHP script displays a fatal error. For avoiding the error, one should write the code properly for handling the exception in the PHP script. The PHP exception handler is a clever way of managing the exceptional condition.

// Trigger exception in try block and catch exception
try {
// Some code
} catch (Exception $e) {
echo ‘Message: ‘ . $e->getMessage();

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3. array_key_exists() vs in_array()

If you are using array_key_exists() instead of in_array(), believe it or not, it is a good choice you made. array_key_exists() is much faster than in_array().

array_key_exists($key, $array); // ideal

in_array( $key, array_keys( $array ) ) // This creates an array of keys from the given array first, which makes it much slower than array_key_exists()

4. unserialize() vs json_decode()

Try to avoid using unserialize, use json_decode instead. The main difference between the two is the fact that unserialize is much more dangerous if used for data received from the network.

We hope you like these cool PHP tricks, do you have any PHP tips and tricks? 
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