Things have been busy in Teddy town as we scale up and slowly implement our vision of a truly decentralized protocol — There’s no end to expansion and experimentation in the nascent world of Defi. This aligns with one of our core missions of building a robust Defi community on…

Who are Frontend Operators and What is a Kickback Rate?

If you’re an early user of Teddy Cash, have read the docs carefully, or even used Liquity before — you might have come across the term ‘Kickback Rate’.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at what a Kickback Rate actually is, what it means to run an alternative frontend, and…

A week ago our Teddy Army was relatively small, but time flies in crypto and DeFi, even faster for protocols that play a key and emergent role in an ecosystem.

We’ve seen a sudden surge in interest and an exponential amount of growth in our protocol, leading to numerous new…

You might have difficulties choosing your borrowing protocol of choice. To be fair, there are a few options available in the thriving Avalanche ecosystem.

Benqi is the largest lending protocol by TVL. Vee is an up and coming competitor. And there are more to come with the upcoming rush. …

In the wake of yesterday’s Vee Finance exploit*, Ava Labs engineer Connor Daly put out an excellent tweet thread on the seven questions you should ask when evaluating DeFi projects. I will call these questions “The Connor Test.” Let’s see how Teddy Cash answers them.

* This post is in…

Image by Marvin Paradox

Iron Finance’s stablecoin recently lost its dollar peg. TVL plummeted and the Titan token, used partially as collateral, crashed with it. And they’re not the only stablecoin protocol to have failed either. Fei and SafeDollar, to name a few, have all faced bad news in the DeFi space.

Keeping TSD stable (and profitable)

The Teddy…

As an Avalanche user, you likely own at least several different tokens. For example, if you are a Teddy Cash user you likely own both TSD and TEDDY. While simple “hodling” is a revered tradition in crypto, you can actually earn a significant yield on your holdings without selling them…

You might ask yourself this exact question and there are good reasons, especially for the seasoned DeFi user who wants to stay capital efficient and maximize their ROI.

Unlike existing borrowing/lending protocols on avalanche, with Teddy Cash you pay no recurring interest rate for taking a loan but instead a…

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Contract: 0x094bd7B2D99711A1486FB94d4395801C6d0fdDcC
Trade on Pangolin

TSD Token

Contract: 0x4fbf0429599460D327BD5F55625E30E4fC066095
Trade on Pangolin

List of Contract addresses can be found

Quick Ape Guide

As the name implies, this guide is for the apes, for longer form documentation see or consult the excellent

1. Deposit AVAX

Deposit between 2000 and 3000 USD worth…

Teddy Cash is wiring together the last bits and pieces together for the launch of our Liquity fork for Avalanche. After deployment of the contracts and an initial default frontend we will announce the launch on Discord, Twitter and Medium.

Launch Plan

  • There is NO IDO, IEO, Token Sale for TEDDY or…

Teddy Cash

Teddy Cash is a completely decentralized borrowing protocol with interest-free loans.

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