To Know About Telos Canton Through 7 Pictures of Canton

Telos Canton
Jan 15 · 6 min read

1. The World Is for All

2. Spirit Lives Forever

3. Sino-Western Fusion

4. The Heart of Craftsman

5. Scholarly Family

6. Five Goats With Grain

7. Kapok

One Question

One Explanation

Telos Canton Review, Promises, and Plans 2019

透過廣州的七個畫面瞭解 Telos Canton

1. 天下為公

2. 浩氣長存

3. 中西交融

4. 匠人之心

5. 書香門第

6. 五羊含穗

7. 木棉花開



Telos Canton 回顾 / 承诺 / 展望 2019

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