Customer Success Story: Enabling Scalable Internet and Value-added Services for Asia’s leading ISP

Termaxia is pleased to feature a customer success story, based on Frontiir Broadband Internet and Value-added services. Termaxia offers low-power high-performance software-defined storage solution targeting exabyte-scale storage. Our flagship product achieves unmatchable cost/performance ratio and reliability that far outperforms competing solutions in the market..

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Godfrey Tan (MIT Ph.D.), Dr. Allen Miu (MIT Ph.D.), and Minn Thein, Frontiir has one simple but big dream — to provide affordable digital access and useful information services and help bridge all the digital divides in Myanmar and beyond. With a strong DNA in technology, Frontiir has built a hybrid technology and service provider company which develops its own proprietary leap-frogging technology and innovates at the pace of Silicon Valley. One of Frontiir’s major successes is Myanmar Net, which provides affordable and high-speed Broadband Internet access to a large portion of Myanmar using innovative WiFi-based software defined networking and mesh technologies. The company has very quickly rolled out one of the most advanced, and densest Outdoor WiFi broadband infrastructure in the world. Within two years of launching their consumer broadband services, Myanmar Net has become the number one ISP in Myanmar with a half million subscribers offering unlimited internet services up to 16Mbps for less than USD $3.50/mo. It is currently one of the fastest growing companies in Myanmar, with commercial offerings including cloud storage, data centers, and Internet access.

Termaxia’s move towards expansion in Myanmar is in line with our recent progress in entering Asia’s data storage market.

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Termaxia Storage Solution

Frontiir’s first use of Termaxia storage solution is in its redundant data centers hosting an array of virtual machines providing backend services for bill processing and other mission critical operational and business support systems. In the coming months, Frontiir will be using Termaxia’s solution to store large volumes of data to launch a series of real-time value-add services and cloud-based applications targeted for consumers and SMBs. The platform is currently deployed and piloting in multiple data centers across Myanmar and is projected to grow into the exabytes range when Frontiir achieves full penetration of the Myanmar Internet and cloud storage market. Frontiir is primarily using Termaxia’s file storage, which not only provides seamless scale-out, but also high performance, transparent fault tolerance and consumes low amounts of power. The latter is an important consideration as cloud storage requires storing large volumes of “hot data” that can be retrieved in real-time within milliseconds. Reliable cloud services requires high throughput performance and high degree of reliability, a feature that Termaxia excels over other storage vendors on the market.

The consumer and SMB value-add services to support innovations of a national scale ISP use case is just the beginning. Looking forward, Termaxia is aiming to expand its storage offerings within Frontiir, to include use cases involving data center block storage and enterprise backups.

“Termaxia is excited to be a part of Frontiir’s growth in South-east Asia. We have a common vision of providing cost-effective IT solutions to developing countries. We are happy to work together with Frontiir towards this goal. Frontiir is at the forefront of the IT revolution in Myanmar and the rest of South-east Asia. Data storage is going to be a significant part of this revolution as customers seek to store their data in the cloud. We have barely even began to scratch the surface a multi-billion dollar growth market” — Co-founder and CEO of Termaxia, Dr. Changbin Liu.

“Frontiir is particularly selective in solutions with stringent criteria for cost/performance to help keep our prices affordable while maintaining high service quality for our broad base customers. We have been using Termaxia’s storage solution in our production environments and we are very pleased with its performance and reliability. When compared to other storage solutions on the market, Termaxia’s solution stands out given its unique hardware and software innovations to provide seamless scale-out and low-power operation. The team also provides excellent support service in a timely fashion. We look forward to working with Termaxia as we continue to grow our company in South-east Asia.” — Co-founder and CTO of Frontiir, Allen Miu.

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About Termaxia: Termaxia is a US-based company offering low-power high-performance software-defined enterprise storage solutions targeting the exabyte-scale storage market. The company is co-founded by leading researchers and engineers in the cloud and storage space. Additional information about Termaxia can be obtained by visiting our website http://termaxia.com.

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About Frontiir: Frontiir’s mission is to provide affordable digital access and useful information services to people and help bridge the global digital divide.Based in Myanmar, the company currently runs Myanmar Net, the leading Internet-Service-Provider in Myanmar. Frontiir’s solutions demonstrate 10–20x price-performance advantage over comparable ones available in developed countries. The company envisions three implementation phases in helping overcome the world’s digital divide: (1) affordable Digital Information Access: most have access to affordable and effective communications services; (2) access to Useful IT Services: most use ubiquitous IT services to improve productivity, healthcare & quality of life; and (3) become Providers of Services: most actively participate in digital economies to earn money and further their causes.For additional information, visit http://www.frontiir.com/for more details.

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Termaxia offers world’s first truly scalable exabyte-scale storage solution with unprecedented level of ease, cost, and performance. Visit us at termaxia.com.

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