Best Chromebooks in 2019

The best Chromebooks of 2019 are more flexible, powerful, and come with longer battery lives.

These affordable Chrome OS-based laptops are capable of a lot of things compared to the older models.

This article provides information on some of the best Chromebooks on the market in 2019.

What is the best Chromebook?

What Exactly is a Chromebook?

Today’s Chromebooks are affordable and come with extended battery lives.

They run on Chrome OS — a lightweight operating system that doesn’t require the greatest processors to do the job. The latest Chromebook packs only what’s needed to get the job done right.

On the other hand, devices like Google Pixel Slate help make the Chromebook much more advanced than in the past.

Most customers tend to think twice before they opt for a Chromebook. That’s because of certain restrictions of Chromebook laptops.

If you are looking for a laptop for word processing and email functions, you cannot go wrong by investing in one of the latest models of Chromebooks on the market.

If you are looking for a lot of gaming and video editing, you won’t do well with a Chromebook.

Low-Cost Windows Alternative

Today, there are plenty of laptops products on the market in all sorts of sizes and shapes.

When you have to do most of your work online without much software support, and you don’t have thousands to spend on a laptop, a Chromebook could be your answer.

Chromebook is an inexpensive laptop that doesn’t offer a full Windows experience. But their low prices and web-centric operations make them one of the best for web-based productivity and light usage social media.

In case you spend more than 90% of your laptop usage in a web browser, Chromebook is one of the best laptops for you.

Chromebooks rarely require impressive hardware. In fact, the user will be visiting websites and running various programs from Chrome OS — which is a thinner version of the popular Chrome web browser.

You won’t have to download and install traditional software on this laptop.

In case you are not able to perform a certain task on or within the standard web page, chances are you can perform such tasks from one of the hundreds of extensions and apps available to Chrome OS users.

The latest Chromebook has as much functionality as a budget Windows laptop with just a few clicks.

The user can also install any app that is designed for the Android Mobile OS on your new Chromebook laptop.

But if you have an older model of Chromebook, you may not be able to perform this function because Android-app support is a relatively recent development in Chromebook.

You can access Microsoft Office on the latest Chromebook laptops via the Google Play Store for Chrome.

This is the latest enhancement on Chromebook in order to prevent productivity barriers for users who switch to Chromebook from other Windows-based laptops.

If you buy a device that’s on Google’s list of Chromebooks that could run Android apps, it will be able to run Office apps.

A benefit of operating exclusively web-based software is security.

That way you are immune to various viruses and malware that plague Windows systems.

Most of the Chrome OS updates are performed in seconds compared to minutes and hours taken to complete MacOS and Windows updates.

On the other hand, you can perform most standard tasks offline on Chromebook and sync up later on.

That way you won’t have to stop your work if there are issues in connecting to the internet.

5 Important Things To Consider When Buying A Chromebook Laptop

Chromebooks have fewer hardware varieties when compared to Windows laptops.

Here are 5 of the most important things that you need to consider when buying Chromebook laptops.

  • Screen Resolution — The original resolution on a Chromebook laptop is 1,920 by 1,080 pixels — which is why the laptop is known as a 1080p. But there are cheaper Chromebook laptops with lower resolutions. The high-end models come with higher resolutions. If you opt for a midsize Chromebook with 13 to 15-inch screen size, 1080p is perfectly fine for such a device.
  • Processor — If you only need to browse with a few tabs open, a low-end Chromebook like a Pentium or Celeron will do fine. But if you want to multitask, you should opt for a better model such as the Intel Core CPUs — Core i3 and Core i5.
    These models are more expensive compared to the earlier models. For example, a $300 Windows-based laptop that includes an Intel Celeron processor, Windows 10 operating system, and 4GB of memory may be quite sluggish for everyday use.
    But a Chromebook with similar specifications should provide a great user experience to the customer. That’s why you should consider investing in the latest Chromebook laptops on the market today.
  • Storage — Chromebook will store the majority of your files in the Cloud. Hence, the device comes with a small serving of eMMC-based storage such as 32 or 64GB. You should use this space to save all your local creations. In case you want to save more files on the laptop, look for an SD card slot.
  • Connectivity — The latest Chromebooks have wireless connections. You will have to use the device with a wireless connection for the best results.

Ethernet ports are not very common with Chromebook laptops.

In case you need to give a presentation, opt for a video output port like HDMI. Make sure you look for a USB port or two when buying the laptop if you want to attach a mouse or other peripheral by wire.

How The Chromebook Is Evolving?

The best Chromebooks in 2019 are elegant computers with rich capabilities compared to the earlier models which were basic systems running Chrome OS.

Some models are made from carbon fiber or lightweight magnesium materials. They come with a glossy white plastic exterior. Other products come with a bright In-Plane Switching (IPS).

Hopefully, this post will answer the questions: What is a Chromebook and Is a Chromebook Right for Me?

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