Betty Conley was murdered for a measly $100.

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Betty Conley had seven siblings. When her mother died, her father was unable to care for them all and they were raised in different foster homes. At 19-years-old, Betty married 20-year-old Bruce Conley.

By the age of 37, Betty had two children with Bruce — 17-year-old Linda and 15-year-old Jeremiah. Betty was working several jobs at the time because she wanted to help Linda pay for college.

One of her jobs was as a clerk at a convenience store, the Xtra Mart, on State Route 67 in Charlton, New York.

Oliver Munson was set to testify against an auto theft ringleader three days after disappearing.

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Oliver Wendell Munson was a 39-year-old African-American living in Catonsville, Maryland. He attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and was an industrial arts teacher at Ellicott City Middle School.

Oliver had a good relationship with his students and took them bowling twice a week. He had an occasional girlfriend and spent most of his free time working on old cars which he kept in his yard.

Every morning before leaving for work, Oliver spoke on the phone with his mother. He was close to his family and often spent the weekends on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with his mother and siblings. …

The murders of Sharon and Lillian Pope remain unsolved 46 years later.

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Marilyn and Donald Pope lived in the US state of Indiana and had 14 children, most of whom were raised by family members or put in foster care. Despite coming from a dysfunctional family, sisters Sharon and Lillian were best friends.

Sharon Kay Pope de Jesus was 20-years-old and lived in Gary, Indiana, with relatives. She was married to 22-year-old Douglas de Jesus but the two were estranged. The couple had two sons and Sharon was six months pregnant. …

Helen Klassen’s murder may be related to the KKK.

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Helen Ruth Bohn was born on May 9, 1927, in Tiskilwa, Illinois. She married Otto Dyck Klassen in 1948 and the couple eventually settled in a ranch home in Elkhart, Indiana.

The couple had four daughters: Ruth (16), Frieda (14), Bess (13), and Suzy (11). Otto was a child psychiatrist and was the medical director of the Oaklawn Psychiatric Center. Meanwhile, Helen was a housewife and often did volunteer work. The family were Mennonites.

On March 14, 1969, 11-year-old Suzy returned home from Elkhart Concord Elementary School around 4 PM. She entered her house to find her mother murdered in the hallway. …

Brenda Sue Davidson has been missing for 46 years.

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Brenda Sue Davidson lived with her parents and four younger siblings at Gleaton’s Mobile Home Park in Woodbridge, Virginia. The 13-year-old attended Fred M. Lynn Middle School.

James Coe’s killer has been unidentified for 63 years.

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James Ervin Coe was born on August 14, 1930, in Burkesville, Kentucky. The son of Chester and Ora Coe, James belonged to the Coe Ridge Colony. After slavery was abolished in the US, the colony was established by former slaves for African Americans who were struggling to build a life in society.

Oak Grove Jane Doe has been unidentified for 74 years.

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On the morning of April 12, 1946, three people on a walk noticed an odd burlap sack floating near the bank of the Willamette River near Oak Grove in Portland, Oregon. After they cut through the tape, rope, and telephone wire that was holding the package together, they were shocked to find a human torso. In it were also some women’s clothing and sash weights.

The next day, fishermen pulled a similar package from the river, about six miles from where the torso had been found. The men had noticed the sack about a month before but did not think it was anything important until they heard about the discovery of the torso. This package was also tied with a telephone wire and weighed down with sash weights. …

The double murder of Bruce and Margaret Moser remains unsolved 42 years later.

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Bruce Wayne Moser and Margaret Adamson were highschool sweethearts who married in 1975. The couple attended Ball State University and lived in a mobile home about eight miles from Hartford City, Indiana, in rural Montpelier.

In 1976 the couple had a daughter, Kerri. Margaret had a degree in social studies but was a stay at home mother while Bruce worked at Bob’s Grocery Store.

Authorities have refused to investigate the death of Jason Murphy.

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Jason Loyd Murphy was born on January 17, 1983, and grew up in Houston, Texas. He moved to California as a young adult to attend Pepperdine University where he graduated with a degree in theatre and television production.

A member of the SAG-AFTRA, Jason became an improv actor and directed several short movies. He also appeared in various TV commercials for companies such as Snapple, KFC, Ford, and Bud Light.

Jason was in a relationship with Dina Gregg. Three years after they met on Tinder, the couple eloped in December of 2016. …

Timothy Jacob Davison was 4-years-old when he disappeared from his aunt’s car.

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Timothy Jacob Davison, better known as TJ, lived in Winter Haven, Florida, with his parents and two siblings. At the age of four, his parents, Dreyden Davison and Debra Deloach, divorced. Even though TJ’s mother gained custody of him and his siblings, she handed them over to their father’s sister, Delany Davison, who lived in Decatur, Illinois, with her boyfriend and child.


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