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MachineLearning,AI,Automation,Robotics ,Blockchain….Economy ,Society, Finance,Environment….. Our World is changing fast and we should keep up with this Change.Reuters just released an article claiming that 2000 People on our Planet hold more Wealth than 4.6billion of the poorest.This are some astonishing, but not at all surprising numbers.Can we blame the 2000 for their success?Not at all.Why should we?They just use the tools that the System is giving them, in a pragmatic manner to gain more and more Wealth.Is it moral and ethical?This is a totally different question.To get wealthy on the expense of others or by destroying the environment is very questionable, and by common sense deeply immoral and unethical.Following some of the actions of big Corporations and Governments it seems like they are not living on this Planet and that there is no need to care about coming Generations.The ruthlessness of some of their actions are absolutely mind blowing.And people all over the World are fighting back…..with little or no efficiency.The System just keeps doing what the System does ,unless it will be disrupted somehow….. One of these new Technologies of the 21 Century gives people the power to disrupt certain questionable activities .The Technology is called the Blockchain or the Distributed Ledger Technology.If used in the right way, meaning decentralised, it can indeed change the outlook upon our Future, into a positive one.If hijacked by Governments and Corporations it can only enslave us more than we already are.A real disruptor in the form and functionality of DeFi, or Decentralised Finance ,using the Blockchain ,is the DAO ,the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.DAOs, are constructs of a new Economic model .The DAO itself is a body formed by participants which gather around a common goal.In their ultimate form DAOs are 100% autonomous and govern themselves through smart contracts on the Blockchain.The purpose of a DAO should be to create wealth for its participants and distribute this wealth fairly via the Blockchain to every contributor.Some of the visible benefits would be:The creation of Financial Freedom, cutting of the Middleman and the absence of a Pyramid shaped Leadership structure.DAO’s should use the Blockchain to create a shared Economy,Wealth and Wellbeing in a socially conscious way.It takes a certain amount of education and courage to become a member of a DAO and participate in proposal and voting acts.Nevertheless, a DAO ,if formed properly from the beginning ,can achieve things unimaginable for a single individual.This …


The Geoma COOP

Profits are not created equal .Those who carry a community benefit are better.

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