Breaking some common career change myths. Here’s what you should know

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Having more than one career path in life is becoming more common these days. Although, you may find your brave endeavor may be hindered due to various myths and ‘scare stories’ that can stop you cold in your tracks. But have no fear. Here I debunk some of the common myths when embarking on a career pivot, and empowering you to embrace your story.

1. “There is only one perfect job.”

There is no such thing as perfection in life. …

Out with the doubt. In with the bold. How we can shift the way we view Imposter Syndrome and empower ourselves.

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The talk of imposter syndrome is prevalent throughout all walks of life. we have all experienced it, one way or another. While there are talks of overcoming, combating and dealing with Imposter Syndrome, there is nothing more powerful than shifting and reframing that mindset.

Feeling doubt and inadequacy is normal, but you get to choose how long you want to swim in that lane and which lane you want to be in.

So instead, I’d like to bring focus towards a few key lenses and mindsets to adopt to say farewell to ‘Imposter Syndrome’ altogether. …

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Welcome Change, One Code Line At A Time. What does this mean for Australia’s Healthcare Scene?

It’s not how COVID-19 has changed the way we worked, but how COVID-19 changed the way we work in the future of healthcare. With years of advancement and ongoing improved healthcare systems in Australia, today is no different. The events of COVID-19 have propelled Australia to restructure and innovate their health systems.

In times like this, adaptation is key. For the longest time and proven by the scientific theory of Darwinism, adaptation is the key to survival. The COVID-19 event is no stranger. …

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