Wild Growth Hair Oil Reviews — Results and Reviews

The Wild hair growth oil among many other types of oil, have been in the hair growth and health market for a good few years now. Although the wild hair growth oil is targeted for african american skin types, in reality and scientific research, there is no difference in oils and products working differently, just because the person is a different race, does not affect how an oil will affect hair growth.

Our team decided to give this oil a chance and started to do a trail study on this, with 300 participants using the oil as instructed by the manufacturer for 3 months use — looking at how fast hair grows, if it grows thicker or not, and quality of hair.

The results that were found were that the oil did not increase much hair density or hair growth speed in users compared to normal oils like coconut oil and almond oil — however it did increase the quality of hair growth that was coming during the use of the oil, in a period of 6 months.

Whilst the Wild growth Oil may be useful, using it alone, may not qualify it to getting the best hair growth results in terms of hair growth speed.

From the chart above — we have listed the top hair growth methods (speed of hair growth and thickness) which we have researched privately without outside influence (meaning no company paid us to present this).

In terms of the best oil for hair growth; another study done on Immortals Oil (found here: http://www.immortalsoil.com/immortals-oil/) , which is a brand for hair growth oil/serum, has shown positive results more than any of the oils previously tested, with 450 participants, 390 found their hair growth rate/speed and quality up by 85% in 3 months, and this is without doing any other form of supplementation or exercises which are recommended for hair growth — this is very promising and shows how effective hair oils/serums can be for helping grow thicker hair for men and women.

The Immortals oil is suitable for african and asian hair types, as well as caucasian hair type — the main thing it does is make the scalp healthy, and in turn, renew the hair follicles for thicker hair growth, including faster hair growth.

Other Hair Growth Methods:

There are many types of hair products that target to sell to this market — the problem is, we never know which work, and how well — watching youtube videos just isn’t enough anymore — as anyone can hire anyone to upload something — whilst that may be true — things that work, tend to stick around even after many years — and this means the product or method may be working — here are some methods other than above, for helping your hair growth and getting beautiful hair for all race types:

  • Massage of Scalp everyday for at least 20 minutes
  • Oiling of Scalp everyday like using the Immortals oil or Wild Growth Hair Oil
  • Eating lots of lean protein from beef (no fat) or supplement from collagen
  • exercising till you can’t breath for 20 minutes a day — opens circulation
  • Using Fragrance free Shampoo (Paraben free)

Wild Growth Hair Oil Reviews — Does the oil really work?

As previously mentioned, there is a lot of misconception about Wild Growth hair oil, and the reviews that have been verified by our team show that the oil can help some hair growth, but it is still very unreliable for getting the best results for actual hair growth — there are better oils for hair, as shown in the chart at the top of the page — see this guide on stopping hair thinning for male and females for more details on regimes and things you need to do.

Have you used the Wild growth hair oil? If so, please comment below with your experience — and if you have tried any of the other oils mentioned above, it will help users make a decision on what to purchase if they need to.

A Video Review of Someone who used the Wild Hair Growth Oil:

What is the best hair oil for hair growth for black skin?

As you can see on the chart, the Immortals oil has shown to have the most dramatic results. However you can try the Wild Growth oil too if you think this is the one for you — we suggest trial and error and see what works — not everything works for everyone — but our study conducted above seemed to work for all races and both genders.

What other ways are there to grow thicker hair and get faster hair growth?

There are regimes you can do, such as combining any of the above oils, with scalp massage, and doing it everyday for at least 2–3 months for best results — avoiding high sugar content during this time will only further benefit your hair growth.

Another important thing you have to understand is that you need to eat plenty of beef based collagen to increase hair growth rate, because whilst the oil can help you get best circulation and local inflammation control, the nutrients still have to come through your food intake, which you can do either by supplementing with collagen or by eating more bone broth.

Oil Myths that Must be Debunked — Essential Oils for Hair Growth

There are simply a lot of oils out there that people talk about having certain properties for hair growth — from cedar oil to rosemary oil for hair — but the truth is, when these oils are converted to essential oils, which is a highly purified version, it becomes a neurotoxin, which actually will burn your hair follicles when when diluted with many other oils.

The best thing you can do for your hair, is to stop using anything with essential oils and keep it as a one of thing or occasional thing — but I would totally eliminate it as this can be very damaging and there is just too much misinformation on essential oils and their benefits for hair growth which simply is not accurate.