I’m a little obsessed with genetics.

Only because I’m gene-uinely amazed by the possibilities!

Please accept my apology for that pun.

The truth is, genomics is an extremely broad field. There are so many applications, such as gene-therapy and gene-editing where you can literally alter your genetic code or it’s expression.

But here’s the thing…

Before we…

What’s the most selfless thing a person does in their life? What’s the one thing that dissolves and contradicts the greed, vanity and lethargy we see in the world?

At first you’d think something with that power doesn’t exist but in reality, the answer is quiet obvious: children. …

2am, while eating half a mini pizza with my sister, this message appeared on the TV screen. Way to make me question my life choices Netflix.

I thought that I’d have a great time chilling with my sister till the late hours and enjoying some indulgence. …

I accidentally made my best friend cry last week…

…on her birthday.

But I can explain!

She was turning sixteen and I did the done thing: I sang her Happy Birthday. Then she burst into tears.

Was it something I said?

Later on, she confessed that it “made her feel…

For the past two years, I’ve devoted myself to women’s empowerment. I have gone about this worthy cause through my incorporated movement, CrossBow Canada, inspiring Canadian youth to launch passion projects which have a monumental impact on the lives of women and girls in India.

A photo of my team after our event, WOWW: Women’s One World Walk.

Simultaneously, I have also tried…

“Listen to your heart, not your head.”

Beautiful line but no, right?

This very mindset of ignoring rationale to follow emotion lands us in some of the absolute worst situations whether it be to do with heartbreak, health, finance, etc.

Generations after generations of humans have faced these same issues…


Founder of CrossBow; TKS Innovator; Savoury Seventeen

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