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Well, here we are six months later. A lot has happened in those months, but we just submitted our second packet! Now we wait for it to be reviewed before we schedule our next meeting with our caseworker.

Part of what made this second part of the home study so time-consuming was that we had to schedule and then go to many different appointments and follow up appointments. When you factor in our schedule and each location’s schedule, it made for a lengthy process. Also, let’s be honest, who really wants to get poked and prodded at the doctor's office.

Here’s a checklist for what we had to do for the second part of our home study. …

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[Originally Published: July 7, 2019]

Good news! Our home study application was accepted, our deposit is paid, and now we’re on our way to beginning part one of the home study! Going into the home study for our second time around, I feel so much more confident about each item on the list. I no longer have a, “What in the world is that?” feeling for any of the items.

However, I do have a small feeling of trepidation for getting all of this done. To be honest, I’ve been meaning to tweeze my eyebrows for the past three weeks. …

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[Originally Written: June 10, 2019]

We’re adopting!

That’s right, our family of three is about to become a family of four!

And when we say, “about to,” what we really mean is *fingers crossed* sometime in 2020.

I know 2020 seems kind of far away. Let’s be honest, announcing a plan to adopt lacks the pizazz of telling people you’re pregnant. The adoption process doesn’t come with due dates, gender reveals, or baby bump photos to track progress. It’s an ethereal idea that can’t be touched or quantified.

Three years ago, when we began the home study to adopt our son, we were so excited to tell people. We called family, took to social media, and informed friends and…


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