There are huge potentials in democratizing processes in city and community development — but there is NO way you can do that if you do not mitigate unconscious bias. How do we include and engage all people and communities and turn them into engines for developing livable cities?


INCLUSION was one of the challenges RISING Architecture Exchange Conference 2017 was addressing when gathering architects, designers, and urban developers to discuss societal changes and how to innovate for the future. I interviewed all the experts on their actionable recommendations and we made this VIDEO ACTION CHARTER for you!

This is how you can mitigate unconscious bias and help others do the same by default.

When I worked for the Danish Institut for Human Rights I tried to convince a lot of organisations to mainstream inclusion and diversity, and mitigate bias to improve their business and workplaces. It didn’t work!

When I worked internally in a multinational coorporative I tried to convince a lot of people that inclusion of diversity and mitigating bias would improve their leadership, decision-making, business and workplace. It didn’t work!

When I stopped trying to convince people (their rational mind) and nudged them (their unconscious…

How to more effectively engage a larger number of male leaders for gender equity

By Lisa Kepinski & Tinna C. Nielsen
Tinna is an anthropologist specialised in Inclusion & Diversity, and the founder of the non-profit Move The Elephant For Inclusiveness, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
Lisa has over 20 years’ experience in Inclusion & Diversity and is the founder of the
Inclusion Institute
Lisa & Tinna are Co-Founders of the
Inclusion Nudges Global Movement & Sharing Community and Co-Authors of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook

How often have you heard that the catalyst for a male leader to become an advocate for greater gender inclusion is because of their daughters unfortunately…


By Tinna C. Nielsen & Lisa Kepinski (Inclusion & Diversity Specialists)

Lisa & Tinna are Co-Founders of the Global Inclusion Nudges Sharing Community and Co-Authors of the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook

From our lens, it looks like organisations around the world are addicted to quick fixes on big challenges. Now, the turn has come to unconscious bias (UB) awareness training as THE SOLUTION for fixing inequality, discrimination, and poor decision-making about talent and business.

Unconscious bias awareness training has become so hot that in the US alone it’s estimated that the annual diversity and inclusion training (including unconscious bias awareness)…

We have to design organisational processes, cultures and behaviours to mitigate unconscious bias and achieve inclusion

It’s something we hear all the time: it makes good business sense for companies to be more inclusive. Diverse firms are more representative of customers, inclusive leadership and team culture guards against the risk of “group conformity”, and when an organization can draw on a wider pool of candidates, and mitigate unconscious bias in the process, they ensure they’re hiring the best. It’s even good for the bottom line: time after time, research shows that diversity boosts a company’s profit, growth and even creativity.

But while we might rationally understand the value in this — both economic and moral —…

We are talking to the wrong brain system and speaking the wrong language. Behavioral economics and anthropology can help us a long way.

“Stop talking about gender equality if you want gender equality in your organization.” The silence among the hundreds of participants at the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles 2012 event was palpable. Why would the first speaker open with such a provocative statement?

The statement came from a global head of inclusion and diversity at a multinational company. That person was me. It was not intended as a provocation — it was instead meant to be a call for a new approach in our work for gender equality. …

By Tinna C. Nielsen, YGL Resilient World Series
Anthropologist and Founder of the non-profit organisation Move The Elephant For Inclusiveness and the global sharing initiative Young Global Leader, WEF 2015

Research from UK found that Muslims are facing the worst job discrimination of any minority group in Britain. And the situation is similar in the majority of Western societies. Muslims have the lowest chance of being in work or in a managerial role. The research found that Muslim men were up to 76 per cent less likely to have a…

Tinna C Nielsen

Founder of Move The Elephant For Inclusiveness. Applying anthropology, behavioural economics, Inclusion Nudges. Young Global Leader World Economic Forum.

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