Service Design is a strange and inconsistent thing. Few fully understand what the ‘service’ part refers to, and by extension the value in practicing service design gets lost in assumption.

As a result of the confusion our collective practice has experienced, for many people Service Design stopped being about making…

Last year I started working on “rules as code” – a government project to draft machine readable laws and policies, rather than just human readable ones.

One of the questions that came up a lot when we discussed creating a computerised version of government rules was “what happens to discretion?”

When UX first became a phrase people widely used (15 years ago?) it was a simpler time, and tech-folk had just got in to the hang of testing things with users before committing to massive amounts of development work.

Wireframes became a major part of the digital design process, and…

Tech is to digital service design what materials are to furniture, it’s the stuff everything is made of.

Whether you see it, like it, enjoy it, or understand it is irrelevant — data, code, and infrastructure the atoms, molecules, and methods that make a digital service.

The bad news is…

A herd of designers in their natural habitat

Designers are like alpacas; confused looking mammals who spit when angry and are covered in messy, often matted, fur.

A little known fact about alpacas and designers is that they are herd animals. Not only do they like the company of their kind, but without a buddy they will actually…

TJ Harrop

RegTech Product guy. Currently NSW Government. Prev: UK Gov, Jaguar Land Rover, Apple & more stuff. Been around the block. Ex digi lecturer. Designers can code!

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