How we designed a new itinerary concept by working as a pair.

Let’s face it, Pair-design is not really a common method 😲 (at least not in the product teams where I’ve worked so far). However, in my experience, it can be very beneficial, especially when solving complex problems with tight deadlines. It pays off to involve two brains working simultaneously. The method is definitely not a recipe for everything, but it has its place in the designer’s toolkit.

The context of our challenge

Shaping the travel industry with virtually interlined carriers brings us a lot of new challenges at Kiwi.com. …

The year 2018 was a challenging but amazing ride. I moved to another city, started a new job and later got promoted to UX team lead. Furthermore, I got married in Mauritius and traveled more than I thought. But who would wonder, I work for a travel company 😉

During my 2018 retrospective that I did over Christmas, I realized that so many awesome things happened during the year and I learned many lessons that are worth sharing.

Here’s a mix of highlights from my work and personal life including challenges and lessons learned.

🥝 My first year at Kiwi.com

2018 was my first full year here in Brno. We moved to this city back in November 2017 when I joined the Design Kiwi.com team.

I joined Kiwi.com because I needed a change. I needed new challenges to be able to learn and to grow. Looking back, it was a great step forward in my career. …

Tips and tricks on how you can ease the cross-functional collaboration in the agile UX design process.

If you’ve ever worked as UX designer embedded in the agile team, you know that it is very important to stay together and learn together in order to get where you envisioned, better and faster.

In this lesson learned, I’d like to share some tips and tricks on how you can achieve much better results. It is all about how you approach in facilitating the cross-functional collaboration.

Designers often have the unfortunate reputation of going off on their own and coming back with a supposed masterpiece. …


Tom Kupka

Product designer @productboard, previously Kiwi.com✈️ My thoughts, stories and ideas on UX and Product Design | tomaskupka.com

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