Don’t Ever Pay $2,000 For A Seminar. Go For Free, Legally. Here’s How.

Tomas Vyšniauskas
Jan 22, 2017 · 5 min read

On that day, “Everything is possible” became even more possible. Really. I dove deep into limitless flow while receiving wonderful knowledge, meeting interesting people and scratching my erratic thoughts on the notebook.

My firm but fearful step forward was rewarded more abundantly that I could have ever imagined.

Let’s rewind the time 6 weeks backwards. So, this is me, preparing for a 2 week trip to Sydney, Australia from the cold, snowy and dull Europe (in December).

I’m a huge fan of Dr. John Demartini — the guy who has read 10,000 books and is the most intellectual man I have ever encountered.

That evening I was scrolling down a long (and super smart) post of Dr. Demartini, and at the bottom I noticed a short message — that he is going to deliver a live 3 day seminar in Sydney. Just in the very middle of my 2 week trip!

Miracles like that don’t happen without a reason — I just knew I had to be there. The only problem was that the ticket price of AU$ 2500 was out of my budget.

I like to spend on education and self-improvement, and I’m sure I will be participating in high-ticket seminars in the future, but I just haven’t reached that level yet.

So I asked myself: how can I get there for free (without any fraud)?

My inner voice quickly gave me an answer: I have to be a guest speaker in his seminar.


Me? A 24 year old baby talking to a much more advanced audience who came from all corners of the world to listen to one of the most intellectual people on our planet?

Wow. My mind was just blown away by this crazy idea.

Dr. Demartini is the guy with 40 years of experience teaching others about how to live an empowered life. He is known all around the world. He has reached 1.9 billion people (yes, billion) over his entire career. The best leaders learn from him.

And I’m just a young guy with a crazy idea.

But… guest speakers usually don’t have to pay for the ticket, do they? :)

After all, there was ONLY 1 thing that was sure for me — giving value to others always works. I wasn’t willing to do anything bad anyway. No promotion or bullshit talk. Just pure valuable thoughts.

But I had to reach Dr. Demartini and persuade him somehow.

So I asked my friend Rokas to film my personal address to Dr. Demartini, where I explained him why I want to speak in his seminar and what I’m going to talk about.

Then I tried to reach him through various online channels, but sadly, I didn’t get any answer.

Fast-forward to where we started, and it’s already 1 week since my arrival in Sydney! Just before midnight I get an unexpected email from Dr. Demartini’s assistant, asking to urgently send in the presentation for their review.

The seminar was due to start in 2 days!

That was a BIG moment.

I thought I was going to tear myself apart. I was both happy and sad at the same time.

I haven’t prepared ANYTHING because I had already lost my (conscious) faith in this adventure!

After a few rounds of walking forth and back in astonishment, I rushed to bed so that I can quickly prepare my speech tomorrow morning, with a clear and rested mind.

I did it. I sent it for review. I jumped into preparing for my speech. But I didn’t get any answer for 2 days. Was I disappointed?

No. Fuck that.

I decided I must go there any way, fully prepared and deeply believing that the events that should happen will naturally unfold, no matter if they kick me out or not.

And here I am, just a few minutes before the kick off. Dr Demartini was not present yet, but I met the organizers. I approached one of them with full confidence and said:

“Hi Elen, my name is Tomas. I came here as a guest speaker to give a short speech about Values, Happiness and Understanding yourself. May I meet with Dr. Demartini for a short chat about the details of my speech?”

The lady was, of course, surprised. She said she hadn’t heard anything about me coming as a guest speaker. She asked me to sit down and wait for a while until she calls their office to sort this out.

So I took a free seat, grabbed some coffee and listened to Dr. Demartini’s 1.5 hour morning lecture. It was amazing. So deeply intellectual and witty. People would often ask him to stop and repeat the last sentence.

I was literally feeling like in heaven, far out of my body.

During the break, I approached the organizer lady and she told me with regret that they can’t allow me to deliver the speech because of their intense schedule.

And due to the lack of my credibility, I guess.

But they offered me a private 15 min meeting with Dr. Demartini.


Was that really happening?! I haven’t even dreamed about that. I wanted to scream, literally. But I summoned the whole seriousness I had and calmly said:

“Well, that’s ok, things happen. Maybe it was some kind of miscommunication. You know, I think this private meeting will suit me well.”

It was a game. I could sense that they were feeling a bit guilty because they were turning down this “honorable guest” standing in front of them, as they perceived me.

But I was feeling extremely uncomfortable and slowly losing my confidence. I started to feel cold inside me and my hands were sweating. Because I didn’t even know what to ask Dr. Demartini when I meet him! I knew it was kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

And it happened.

We met, I asked him some questions. In the end, he thanked me for coming, hugged me and invited me to stay in the seminar for as long as I wished.

I was in infinite elation.

“Everything is possible” became even more possible. Really. I saved $2,000, I received wonderful knowledge, met interesting people and it all happened just because of… my inner belief. Confident knowing that the things that have to happen — they WILL happen. I just had to open myself for that and do what I needed to do.

And I didn’t get sad because I wasn’t allowed to speak in front of his audience. Because I received even more. The Universe likes to give higher rewards if you take risks.

Click here to read my planned speech at Dr. Demartini seminar that didn’t go live :)

Thanks for reading, and please recommend my article if you liked it!

P.S. I’m not encouraging to go to seminars for free. Those who share their knowledge must be rewarded accordingly. Just saying that by being creative and giving value to others you can overcome the need to pay in cash ;)

Tomas Vyšniauskas

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Web Dev. Art Dealer. Entrepreneur.

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