Begin #buidl-ing today. The Totle API is live.

Today we’re very excited to announce the launch of the Totle API.

The Totle API enables non-custodial token exchanges at the best pricing. We do this by aggregating liquidity and optimally routing exchange orders to leading decentralized exchanges (DEXs) using sophisticated smart contracts. Our implementation allows for routing several exchange orders in one transaction and compares token prices to find the best exchange pricing. The API also offers the unique ability to set slippage rate and backup orders.

We believe the Totle API provides a critical piece of infrastructure for the growing blockchain, cryptocurrency and DApp economies. We’re connecting the fragmented decentralized trading and exchange ecosystem to provide the best liquidity, previously one of the largest barriers to DEX adoption. The Totle API relieves the need for third parties to integrate with many decentralized exchanges and provides a solution for platforms looking to move away from centralized exchanges.

Integrate with Totle once and stay ahead of the game as we continue to add all new decentralized exchanges to our liquidity pool.

Partners approached Totle, inquiring about accessing the platform we initially built to serve end-users at Now, this critical piece of blockchain infrastructure is available to serve many more use cases. Common ones, based on community interest, include:

  • Wallets for in-app exchange
  • Businesses for payments and transactions
  • Hedge funds and trading platforms for arbitrage and margin trades
  • Portfolio management for rebalancing

Key features include:

  • Single access point for all decentralized value exchange
  • Non-custodial token trades
  • Best trade price
  • Simple integration
  • Reliable trade execution
  • Multiple exchanges in one request
  • The best liquidity and largest token selection in the DEX space

The Launch

We have worked tirelessly on prepping the backend, documentation, and engaging a variety of 3rd parties and use cases for the official release of our API. The team is beyond excited to reach this milestone and begin moving forward with our decentralized liquidity layer for the entire DApp economy.

This launch is an early release of our documentation. Please sign up to get your name on the list or set up a call with our team. Additionally, we include a feedback form in the documentation, and we appreciate all types of comments. As we will continue iterating and improving, our goal is to make integration as quick and easy as possible for developers.

Totle API is free at launch. Over time we will work with our API partners to understand how the Totle API creates value for them and collaboratively develop a framework for mutually beneficial business models.

Integrations Ahead

Totle engaged many amazing partners for the API over the past few months, and the number is increasing daily. We are happy to share just a few that are actively moving forward.

Shrimpy offers portfolio management tools for personal and corporate use. Currently connected with centralized exchanges, they are eager to implement The Totle API to allow users to trade via DEXs in-app.

Marble is building a margin lending protocol on Ethereum, allowing users borrow from its network of lenders and sell on DEXs. Getting the best price is crucial, and an integration with Totle ensures that.

Mirian launches Smart Contract based Social Wallets to let groups save, spend, and invest together. Mirian app lets users build a financial network of friends using their Social Media accounts, track their activity, and seamlessly make dollar-based payments globally or save and invest together. They are integrating with Totle to provide solo trading for their users and group trading through their Social Wallets.

Fractal Wealth is a cryptocurrency trading and technology firm employing proprietary trading strategies for their clients. Totle’s API will provide DEX liquidity for these trades.

Stay tuned for detailed updates and announcements as these platforms, and more, launch their integration with The Totle API.