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Once a month, some friends and I play a friendly poker. It’s an excellent opportunity to stress out a little and have a laugh at the expense of our luck. Despite being a friendly game, part of the fun lies on the stats and trash talk from event to event, the mind game you could say. To enhance this experience, we do track a few game’s metrics that allow us to measure performance and point out gently to our friends if they miss the target, some good and old competition at its best.

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Although excel is more than capable of handling our year tournament, we are still missing a better experience to track and interact with the game event and players. Also, I’d like to validate the hypothesis that other people have the same problem. So I’ve decided to use this problem as an opportunity, using it to fuel and drive the content creation for my blog. You can find more information about the way I’m going to approach this development in the first post of the series. …

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It’s been a while since my last post, so to kick off CocoaAcademy 2020 season, I’ve decided to do a series of posts in which I will explore several topics while creating and delivering an Application from the ground up to production. In this introductory post, I will layout the subjects and themes, which I will explore much more deeply throughout the series.

  • Build- Measure - Learn
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Analytics, Bug Reports, and Instrumentation
  • SwiftUI
  • Feature toggle
  • Tests
  • Fastlane
  • Open Source

** I’ll try to post once every two weeks content related to this series.

The Process

Creating a digital product is not an easy task, to maximize the chances of succeeding, we must have an approach that strives for learning, short cycles, and data-driven decisions. …

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No mês passado, comecei a desenvolver um curso de iOS para o Udemy. Fazer um curso sobre o desenvolvimento iOS, com um ângulo bem embasado em minhas experiências profissionais ao longo desses anos, sempre foi um desejo. Ainda faltam alguns videos para fazer e outros para editar para que o curso fique pronto. Enquanto isso, pensei em liberar um dos módulos no meu canal do Youtube o Cocoa Academy.

  • Trade-offs Storyboard x ViewCode
  • Setup do projeto para utilizar ViewCode
  • Padronização de como adotamos ViewCode no projeto
  • Snippets de produtividade
  • Como ter um feedback visual com ViewCode
  • Testes de UI com…


Thiago Lioy

iOS developer, design enthusiast, blogger, weekend cook, guitar player, traveler. Creator of iOS mag: https://medium.com/cocoaacademymag

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