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We are relaunching as social app (similar to snapchat and Instagram) on blockchain with social networking and features with deep AI integration. Our aim is adoption and taking blockchain mainstream with exciting social networking experience online and offline.

Trender app android demo is available for testing while we continue to work on integration of the app to steem blockchain.

Our ultimate trender project goal is to launch own blockchain (a fork of steem blockchain) called trend blockchain with native token called trend.

The features will include friendly and readable wallet, instant payment, micro payment and scalable TPS starting at 100,000 TPS among many other features. …

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Image for post is the first blockchain and AI social app. To achieve trender project vision, we are committed to conducting an ICO of $15M for project as a standalone project.

Trendercoin will be the merged and integrated as exchange for App. Therefore, trendercoin token will be available to swap for trender at the current market rate at the time of swap.

Benefit for TDC holder:

10% bonus if market cap is not more than US$5Million.

Token sale stages:

350k presale

presale Oct 22nd to Nov 7th 2018

4.65 Pre-ICO

Pre-ico Jan 7th to Feb 7th 2019

10 ICO

ICO — Feb 27th to March 27th…

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These are the key issues that the Trender project is seeking ways to address using the Blockchain technology.

It is common knowledge today that more and more millennials are now waking up to the reality of being incentivized for their created content instead of offering them for free on other platforms such as Facebook and Google which, despite having nothing to offer, still records and measures the creators’ behaviors and sells out the data generated to advertisers online. …


Trender Project

Simple blockchain solution for emerging market of $1.3trillion consumer spending.

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