In this article, we will go straight to the point for creating a typescript project from scratch, with Jasmine as a unit test framework, and webpack as a source bundler. The tutorial will be explained step by step with relevant commands.

Initially, my need was to have an easy typescript project setup so I can quickly implement any idea or train with a TDD (Test Driven Development) approach. But I couldn’t find a single and easy tutorial out there. Many of them were useless, confusing or time consuming. Confusing because lots of unnecessary dependencies are often required to be installed although the author doesn’t explain why… So my challenge here is to share my project setup with you in the most effective way so you’ll save your precious time and have a minimalist but efficient way to have a typescript project with a testing environment enabling unit tests implementation. …

Fin 2019, j’ai eu l’opportunité de me rendre aux Etats-Unis pour un voyage professionnel. Quitte à parcourir autant de km, j’en ai profité pour organiser un roadtrip de 4jours, en parcourant des sites d’exceptions et des paysages à couper le souffle. …

In the era of cloud services on demand, you may ask : why bothering to dockerize your app while you can deploy your frontend on a static AWS S3 hosting, your backend on lambdas, your API on AWS API gateway and your database on RDS ? Simply because it’s worth knowing how easy it is to actually create a fullstack app and deploy it all on a single hosting using docker compose orchestration.

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For my side projects, I’m using a very basic hosting provider which is a dedicated server for less than few bucks a month running ubuntu server. I like using it to test side projects and for conveniency, I dockerize all the components and use docker compose to orchestrate all the containers. The main goal here is to deploy quickly your app for testing and experimenting on the field, rather than dealing with distributed services. …