Factory worker checking labels at America’s best selling organic soap brand Dr. Bronner’s.

‘Fix the world and make money’

A documentary series about entrepreneurs building their business while tackling global challenges such as poverty, inequality and plastic pollution.

Sep 6, 2018 · 3 min read

In the brand new documentary series ‘Fix the world and make money’ filmmakers Erik Loots & Linda Vermaat share the inspiring stories of six social entrepreneurs from all over the globe. The companies’ missions are clear, but challenging the established order is no easy task. We follow entrepreneurs on their road to success; from disillusion and despair to hope and excitement. On the 25th of September the first episode will premiere on TwentieFour’s YouTube channel.

Each 20-minute episode follows one “Fix the World” founder for 24 hours, presenting an intimate look into their home and work life. The focus of this series is not doomsday threats of climate change or capitalism. Instead, meet the dreamers, pioneers and go-getters that have chosen entrepreneurship as their weapon for change.

The episodes and release dates
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House of Eléonore — Bling without the sin — 25th of September
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, until she learns how her bling is mined. House of Eléonore exclusively uses fair trade gold and laboratory created diamonds. But can a sustainable underdog make it in the cutthroat world of high-end jewellery?

Laboratoria — Code your way to a better future — 2nd of October
Mariana Costa Checa (Peru) trains young underprivileged women in Latin America to become high-end web developers. How do these women cope with the complicated training and will they land a top job?

Edible Cutlery — Spoons vs plastic pollution — 9th of October
Narayana Peesapaty (India) wants to reverse our dependency on plastic by providing an alternative; edible cutlery. A brilliant invention that almost didn’t survive huge financial backlash. A story about perseverance and good karma.

Dr Bronner’s — All One — 16th of October
Mike and David Bronner (United States) run a multimillion dollar organic soap brand that gives most of its profits back to their employees and charities. The business is flourishing, but how easy is it to run a business with your entire family?

Erika Lust — Is feminist porn hot? — 23rd of October
Is porn by definition chauvinistic and racist? Feminist and independent adult filmmaker Erika Lust (Spain) believes it doesn’t have to be and is providing a friendly alternative.

The power of good business

‘Fix the world and make money’ is the first international documentary series by production company TwentieFour. By celebrating unconventional social businesses from around the world they want to inspire people not to give up; on themselves or on a better world. Innovation and positive change is happening, not just in Silicon Valley, but also in India, Peru and Amsterdam.

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About TwentieFour

Video production company TwentieFour was founded by creative couple Erik Loots and Linda Vermaat. They write and produce (long and short form) films and commercials for companies and organisations making this world a better place. Erik is an independent filmmaker and Linda works as an impact startup scout and moderator. They came up with the idea for this documentary on their third date in Marrakech, Morocco. They are married and expecting their first child in the Fall.

Linda Vermaat & Erik Loots — Photo by Tetsuro Miyazaki

This series is a co-production with BrightVibes, a media platform for positive news and stories with a global reach of more than 1,5 million.

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