Recently, we kicked off Twic’s inaugural Well-Rounded Webinar series!

Our goal in launching this quarterly digital discussion is to bring together top benefits experts from across the globe to talk about timely benefits-related topics and share career learnings.

For our first session, we had the pleasure of speaking with three seasoned HR veterans — Sheila Kruger, Chief People Officer @ Zoom, Kristina Johnson, Chief People Officer @ Okta, and Jeff Harper, Chief People Officer @ Hashicorp — about how they are navigating benefits in the world of COVID and supporting workforces that now almost exclusively working in a decentralized fashion.

We’re excited to officially launch Twic’s Pre-Tax spending accounts.

For the past year, our team has been focused on building out a custom experience around this feature, as it’s a category that hasn’t caught up with the workforce’s modern benefits needs — therefore it required ground-up reinvention.

This is an important milestone on our roadmap for employee-directed benefits, and it’s a feature many of our clients have been clamoring for since our company’s inception, so we’re proud to be finally making this available to everyone.

We focused on three priorities that we focused on when deciding why to add pre-tax…

Over the past several years, we’ve seen a wide range of how companies approach their employee benefits strategy. And as such, we often get asked by new and potential customers, “What are some common programs and spending accounts that you see?”

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach — since every workforce has different needs and challenges — we have seen a consistent shift towards employers giving employees more freedom and flexibility to choose health and wellness benefits that fit their uniquely individual lifestyles.

As such, we’ve rounded up four spending accounts that cater to personalized, employee-directed benefits. We’ve outlined why…

We’ll look back at 2020 as the year that the workforce changed for good. The current pandemic has shown companies across the globe not only how to survive, but thrive, with a remote and dispersed workforce. And as a result, we’re starting to see a big shift in the way employee benefits are being offered by companies as well.

Moving forward, flexibility and the ability to meet employees where they are will be critical to a company’s HR mojo. The idea of “giving employees options” can no longer be just a slogan, but a reality that every HR leader must…

by Jason Fan, Founder & CEO

This is certainly an exciting moment! Over the past months, our team has conducted numerous customer interviews and worked tirelessly with our partners to finally come up with this new feature — Monthly Education Series.

What Exactly Is It?

These monthly virtual wellness fairs are available to all wellness account holders. These educational sessions feature certified professionals and coaches on topics like sleep quality, nutrition intake, fitness and health, mindfulness practice via webinars, free programs and resources, guided coaching sessions, and more. …


Twic is a discretionary benefits management platform helping HR select vendors, monitor usage and manage reimbursements with a digital wallet.

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