I’ve been thinking about this text from my brother all week.


I got super excited about the new multitasking madness since working on landscape support and a gigantic iPad Pro that landed in the Medium office. We’ve recently been working to ensure that anyone can read, write, and interact on Medium in any orientation and at any size.

As soon as I began testing out the various screen sizes and multitasking I got pretty lost about how everything worked together.

A quick search revealed:

iOS defines two size classes: regular and compact. The regular size class is associated with expansive space and the compact size class is associated with constrained space…

Teahupo’o via drone
There are so many stunning shots in this video — but one in particular left me slack-jawed . Respond if you think you know which one :)

Austyn Gillette Ripping Through LA

This has to be one of my favorite skate videos of all time.

While Territory’s work is impressive, this project doesn’t showcase any particularly new ideas. In fact, I’m a bit weary of this school of UI aesthetic for the silver screen; not only does it seem highly commodified (i.e., these UIs always look the same in every movie), but the style is looking less and less like what real user interfaces will look like in the future.

UI Reel for Avengers: Age of Ultron
Khoi Vinh — www.subtraction.com

I agree with Khoi about this type of UI aesthetic growing tired and feeling less and less impressive after every new marvel movie…

It’s been a while since a video gave me the chills. This video with Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet has some absolutely unbelievable shots in it. This has to be the most insane tourism video ever produced.

Tame Impala album is getting closer.

Here’s the first 3 tracks off Currents — which comes out this summer.

Let It Happen
Cause I’m A Man

These emojis are all of the places that I went from December 2012 — February 2014. This was powered be real location data from our previous app—Steven.

Built with the team at pushd — but mostly @abdur crunched these emojis.

Tyler Howarth

design @airbnb, @medium, @pushdinc, @joinfunorg. dogs rule

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