Moments to Remember: Introducing Utilify Memories

4 min readFeb 2, 2023

We love collecting things right? How about collecting memories? We all do it without noticing. You attend an event and enjoy the moment. Take a photo with your friends, record a video in a concert. We all wanna take something with us, something that will remind us that day, a moment to remember.

Utilify memories are NFTs that you can collect in an event. A conference, a twitter space, a regular gathering etc. It can be any occasion, just a moment to remember. And the great part is, you do it with a single click. You don’t need to know anything about blockchain or NFTs. Yes, that easy.

Let’s take a look at the Memories we’ve created with Utilify recently

We were at Web3 Developer Summit held in Istanbul. More than 500 attendees, hours of panels talking just Web3. We also had a surprise in the event too

We love trying new things at Utilify. We love contributing to mass adoption of web3. We’re trying to ease and socialize the Web3 experience. Owning an art piece with a simple QR scan was a huge success. We’ve minted Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University NFT Club’s collection Stylized Art NFT Exhibition live at the event. Check out the collection

We’ve partnered with Tracker Academy. They’re organizing Turkish version of Daily Dose, a twitter space to talk about web3, NFT projects and many more. They added a little fun element to collect their Memories at every twitter space as well. You can win WL spots or an NFT just attending the twitter space and collecting Memories with Utilify. Keep in mind; more memories, more chance 😉 Give their team a follow to be notified for new twitter spaces on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

It was such an honor to work with altcointurk team for their historical gathering. For context, they organize an event called Crypto Friday and they are doing it since 2017 every Friday. Not a single Friday is missed! Although they have an amazing base now at Kadıköy, Istanbul it all started at Feriha Cafe. January 20th, 2023 they organize an Oldies event at this cafe, many old friends joined the gathering. We’ve helped them distribute memories for this event. Give their account a follow and join them every Friday. Yes, every Friday is another memory.

Since 2018 Crypto Female is on a great mission to encourage woman in the blockchain ecosystem. We’re so glad to attend their event on January 21th, 2023 <Being a Woman in Blockchain Ecosystem> and support them with our products. Memories for attendees and speakers were distributed at event hall.

The great part of for brands to distribute memories is to be able to see who collected these memories. Many more features is about to come to brand dashboard.

Last but not least, Utilify University program has recently launched. We will support every University Blockchain and any other clubs that are interested and provide our products for free.

We’ve kickstarted with Gümüşhane Blockchain Community . They’re organizing a Blockchain Bootcamp for 4 days with an amazing lineup. After every workshop you can earn a Memory for attending the event. And if you collect all 4, you’ll be claiming a Memory as a certificate for attending the bootcamp. Cool right? If you are working at any University Club please send us an email and let’s chat

Thanks to our clients & partners we’ve passed 2000 registered users having %100 MoM growth. It’s an amazing ride and thank you for being part of our journey. Many more is on the pipeline so feel free to reach out via if you’re a brand, event organizer, or creator willing to distribute digital memories as NFTs like the ones in the article at your next event or trying to find ways to increase your brand loyalty.