Another crypto mirracle — again — in Venezuela (Photo-Story)

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First, before starting in another heart warming story, we wanna say a big thank you to our good hearted supporter, follower and every person who just read this or our other stories to the project (see HERE). We love you ❤ together we are strong, together we can make a change, together we are “Adopt a family”. Thank you very much for all your trust in us.

Directly after publishing our first Christmas donation campaign (see photo-story HERE) some big donations reached us. Simón and me instantly said “Let’s bring more Christmas spirit to the people” and we did it again! Another Christmas distribution to people in Venezuela.

While we were busy with preparations for the upcoming event, some more donations reached us. 
This project is intended to support families for at least a full month. So we saved some of the received donations and fed the “pot” (our wallet, where we safe the funds for later use) with them. Hopefully we can very soon achieve this goal and can expand this project with one another family — just some more money is necessary for this. This is a first big milestone to achieve and we are very close.

So — let’s start the journey! 
This time Simón were directly supported by his girlfriend Fabi and his friend Diego — Thank you for being part of this and all your help.

This time we were even able to slightly buy more food than previous time.
Cheese sandwiches with tangerines - a good and healthy meal as well.

Simón and his friends loaded everything in their car and started the Christmas distribution tour. This time the very most people which were reached by the three were children and young adults.

The faces are happy but as well a bit surprised, that someone just gave them a good lunch. For no reason. But pretty sure, in the end these sibling enjoyed a good lunch without any more hesitation.

Also her day was a bit brighter after receiving a good handfull of sweet tangerines and a sandwich.

Receiving food is one thing, enjoying the situation another. Both things can make a big difference for your day.

Some more families were reached. Tangerines are loved by everyone.

But not only families were gifted, of course single persons as well. Good food is like a big hug but from the inside. This young gentleman …

as well as these big gentleman …

and not to forget the a bit elderly gentlemen at well received a fair share in this distribution.

The car proved to be a perfect method to reach very different individuals fast and secure. This young mother was certainly surprised about the car and the gift it brought to her.

As well this surprised but happy pedestrian.

Simón told me an elderly couple said to him that “there are still good people left in this world”. This as some final and heart touching words to let them sink in…

This time again more than 50 people were reached by this distribution.
Simply — wow!

The first intent of this project is giving families in Venezuela a kind of monthly income. A small income, just enough to financing some food and daily needs — for at least a month. To give the whole family a breather, to ease their daily life at least a bit and most of all, giving hope during these challenging and hard times. (Please see HERE for more information about the project)
Further this project wants to raise awareness and education about cryptocurrencies and their potential to use as a digital currency in daily life. Not only in Venezuela where the national currency is impacted by hyper inflation and a gigantic loss in purchasing power, at every part of the world!

This distribution was sponsored mainly by our friends from the cryptocurrency community, called Banano.
We want to thank
Cordury Pillows, Multifolio, Spartan, Pittiplasthc, Dev, TerryG, FlighlessPIG, Beardless, Duck, Oops, Smmjv, Madasiaka, Xramos, Zelimq, 1kash and every other unknown donator

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Sincerely Simón, Fabi, Diego and Fabian from “Adopt a family”