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Its been a long time since I published a story. I’ve been exploring Nodejs ever since I stumbled upon its efficacy developing a POC using Nestjs. Working with Java+Spring boot has its own pain points, but this article is not about advocating one over the other.

There are numerous articles…

Basic stream flow

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Streams — Basic Intro

Streams — as this contemporary way of programming in Java takes stride, there are a lot of articles that cover the basic use cases and show them how it is implemented. …

Basic flow of messages in a filter architecture

The reason for coming up with this article is , though there are quite a lot of articles on how to get the response in filter, there are only a few of them on how to write new content/modify existing the content and send it in the response. I’ve banged…

This post is all about creating a Continuous Deployment in Jenkins for Angular App to GCP. This could also be used as a reference to deploy the Nodejs apps to GCP since most of the stages are similar with language specific commands for building, packing and deploying the app

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Thats how scalable NGINX can get!!!

The above image doesn’t provide justice to the actual scalability of NGINX. There are a lot of products and licensed versions of NGINX such as NGINX-plus but here we are going to deal with the open sourced version— NGINX


I started exploring NGINX as a possiblity of using it as…

“Creating and deploying a sample Java / Spring boot application to appengine should be fairly an easy task” — they say. To a certain extent that is true until you face with the nighmare of dealing with the versions and different deployable plugins.

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