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Jackson Robert Scott From Stephen King’s IT to Play One Creepy “Descendant”

Is it me, or are the kid actors getting all the goods in the horror genre? I ain’t complaining. Perhaps you might be a bit confused as to who Jackson Robert Scott is, but if you watched (or read) the most recent IT, it would be pretty clear to you: Jackson Robert Scott played the ill-fated role of one little Georgie. And I must say he played it quite well — terrifyingly well.

Scott Has Come Back to “Terrify” Again in a Film From MGM/Orion Called DESCENDANT

Except Scott gets to play the villain…. Here’s a quick synopsis for you, to whet your appetite:

A young mother who, concerned about her 8-year-old son’s disturbing behavior, thinks something supernatural may be affecting him.

Seriously, that’s all you’re getting. Don’t fret, though; this is fresh in the works, so be prepared to get more of a background on what this is all about. It will star Taylor Schilling as the young mother of Scott’s creepy kid; so far, that’s all we know other than this may be quite the scare-fest directed by THE PACT’s Nichols McCarthy and also written by Jeff Buhler, the man behind THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN.

We should give ultimate credit where it’s due to Scott, who holds the reins of terror, and rightly so he should. After all, he’s no stranger to the horror genre —

Aside from Pennywise eating his arm, Scott’s been featured in Fear the Walking Dead as well as a role in the Joe Hill comic book TV series pilot called Locke and Key — seemingly coincidentally also helmed by recent IT director Andy Muschietti. Chances are good you’ll see Scott as little Georgie again in IT: CHAPTER 2 — freakin the ever-loving snot out of you.

Once Again — Proof That the Horror Genre Goes to the Kids

Originally, that’s what made horror so much fun. Kids are easy targets. Makes for great thrillers. And it’s even more fun when those kids rise up and battle the demons. Or become the demons.

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